Deb Protect

Stokoderm Protect Pure

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Universal pre-work skin cream to help protect the skin against contact with water and non-water based contaminants.

Perfume-free and non-greasy, it is compatible for use under latex and nitrile gloves to provide a second line of defence. Makes skin easier to clean.

Use before each work period or re-apply after washing hands.

Deb Stoko Stokoderm Protect Pure is available in 1 litre and 150ml.

Deb Stoko Protect 1000 Dispenser

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Deb Stoko Protect 1 Litre dispenser  for pre work creams - Deb Universal Protect and and Sun Protect which protect the skin against contact with various workplace contaminants and working conditions.

Stokoderm Sun Protect 50+

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SPF30+ sunscreen to protect the skin against the sun's harmful UV-A (ageing) & UV-B (burning) rays.

Non-greasy, its photostable formula is also water-resistant and moisturises the skin.

Available in 150ml, 400ml, and 1 Litre.

Deb Stoko SUNSCREEN 1L Dispenser

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Deb Sunscreen 1L Dispenser - Biocote for use with Sun Protect 1L.

Deb Stoko Sun Skin Safety Centre

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The Deb SunPROTECT Skin Safety Centre contains facts and statistics on skin cancer and is pre-assembled with a Deb SunPROTECT 1L lockable dispenser and a mirror to assist with sun screen application.

The board also includes a holder and cards to display the daily UV index level, which provides a clear indication of when outdoor workers need to protect themselves for their specific locations. Based on guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation in 2005, protection from the sun is required as soon as the UV Index reaches 3.

Board, mirror, UV cards & dispenser (Sun cream sold separate)

For use with Deb SunPROTECT 1 litre cartridges.

Stokoderm Advanced | Advanced Skin Defense Cream

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Deb Stoko Stokoderm Advanced, perfumed, silicone-free universal pre-work cream with natural film building agents to provide advanced protection.

The advanced protection film is a unique formulation forms a multi-functional protection film on the skin surface. It is effective against a wide range of substances, helping to stop stubborn types of dirt from clinging to the skin.

It contains Algin, a natural film building hydrocolloid which helps strengthen and reinforce the protective film on the skin for greater durability.

It contains a special soil-suspending emulsifier - blend of surfactants in the protective layer are activated by pre-rinsing hands with just clean water, enabling removal of most soiling. This allows use of a light hand cleanser and makes the skin easier to clean.

Available in 100ml tube and 1L cartridge.

Deb Stoko Travabon Classic

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Deb Stoko Travabon Classic is a specialist pre-work cream that helps protect your skin against skin irritation and oily and water-insoluble workplace substances such as oil, grease, carbon black and paint.

It contains unique oil suspending emulsifiers to make skin easier to clean after contact with heavy-duty contamination. The high pigment content provides added protection against heavy contamination. This product is not suitable for use with gloves.

To protect the skin on hands and arms where there is contact with oily, water-insoluble substances and water-immiscible metal-working oils.

To make skin cleansing easier after working with heavy-duty or very stubborn, water-insoluble contamination caused by oil, paint, lacquer, graphite, metallic dust, adhesives and resins, and also after working with dry dust.

Travabon┬«  Classic is not designed for use under gloves.