Deb Protect


Stokoderm Protect Pure

Universal pre-work skin cream to help protect the skin against contact with water and non-water based contaminants.

Deb Stoko Protect 1000 Dispenser

Deb Stoko Protect 1 Litre dispenser  for pre work creams - Deb Universal Protect and and Sun Protect which protect the skin against contact with various workplace contaminants and working conditions.
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Stokoderm Sun Protect 50+

SPF30+ sunscreen to protect the skin against the sun's harmful UV-A (ageing) & UV-B (burning) rays.

Deb Stoko SUNSCREEN 1L Dispenser

Deb Sunscreen 1L Dispenser - Biocote for use with Sun Protect 1L.
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Deb Stoko Sun Skin Safety Centre

The Deb SunPROTECT Skin Safety Centre contains facts and statistics on skin cancer and is pre-assembled with a Deb SunPROTECT 1L lockable dispenser and a mirror to assist with sun screen application.

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Stokoderm Advanced | Advanced Skin Defense Cream

Deb Stoko Stokoderm Advanced, perfumed, silicone-free universal pre-work cream with natural film building agents to provide advanced protection.

Deb Stoko Travabon Classic

Deb Stoko Travabon Classic is a specialist pre-work cream that helps protect your skin against skin irritation and oily and water-insoluble workplace substances such as oil, grease, carbon black and paint.