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The White Magic Microfibre Cloth range is the envy of all other microfibre cloth companies. Voted by Choice Australia as the best in the country, White Magic microfibre is the cloth you need when you don't want to compromise on quality.


White Magic Dust and Polish Microfibre Eco Cloth

The White Magic Window Dusting Microfibre Cloth creates electrostatic power to attract and hold dust like a magnet.

White Magic Microfibre Eco Glass and Window Cloth

The White Magic Window & Glass Microfibre Cloth leaves a streak free finish on glass, stainless steel or polished timber. 

White Magic Microfibre Eco Cloth Barbecue 2 Pack 32 x 32cm

It cleans all hard shiny surfaces on your Barbeque - eats up grease and oil. It is safe to use on stainless as it does not leave scratch.

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White Magic General Purpose Microfibre Cloth

This cloth is a PROFESSIONAL Standard Microfibre Cloth priced for the everyday cleaner. Voted by Choice Australia as the BEST GENERAL PURPOSE MICROFIBRE CLOTH IN AUSTRALIA. 

White Magic Eco Cloth Bathroom 32 x 32cm

Eco Cloth bathroom from White Magic, is ulta absorbent, dual sided for cutting through stubborn bathroom grime and wiping down shiny surfaces. The scrubbing side is made of aggressive, yet gentle scrubbers that break up soap scum off glass, ceramic and stainless steel. The flat side is great for wiping and polishing once the scrubbing side has done its job. The convenient clip tag allows easy storage all around the bathroom. Professional 32 x 32cm Size. Super Reinforced Stitching.
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White Magic Eco Cloth Screen and Lens 30 x 30 cm Pack of 2

The White Magic Eco Screen & Lens Cloth is an anti-static, super absorbent cloth that is specially designed to remove greasy marks and dirt from delicate surfaces such as eye glasses, laptops, and electrical devices. It leaves a streak free finish, lint free and scratch free. Professional 30 x 30cm Size. It is perfect for long-term use, reusable and machine washable for up to 500 times. It is safe to use on plasma LCD television screens, tablets, iPads, laptops, smart phones, and all eye wear lenses.
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