30 Seconds

The 30 Seconds range aims to take the hard work out of tough jobs. Whether it be indoors or out, 30 Seconds has the best spray and walk away or spray and rinse products.

30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner

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Do you appreciate a beautiful home, garden or deck? Unfortunately there is nothing that can make them look worse than dirt, residue, mould stains and grungy grime, which can appear on just about any outdoor surface.

Look around your home today, and you're likely to find walls, awnings, planters, patios, lawn furniture, rocks, steps or decks in need of good cleaning. Over time they'll continue to look worse, and left unattended they can damage finishes or become slippery and dangerous underfoot.

Thats where 30 Seconds outdoor cleaner comes in!

30 Seconds is specially formulated so you can spray it on, let it stand according to the directions on the label, and simply rinse away dirt, residue, mould stains and grungy grime.

30 Seconds might seem like a strange name for a cleaner, but thats how fast it begins to work.

30 Seconds cleans decks, restoring them close to their original beauty! You'll love the way 30 Seconds works first time and every time.

Using 30 Seconds is quick and easy. Just add one part solution to one part water, then spray the surfaces evenly, let stand according to the directions, and before it begins to dry, just rinse it off with a hose.

Its that easy to use! Especially since you don't need a pressure washer!

30 Seconds outdoor cleaner is safe to use around the lawn, landscaping, and delicate plants.

Think about all the shaded, covered areas around your home. Do they become dingy and discolored with a grungy tinge? 30 Seconds outdoor cleaner will clean them all.

Lawn furniture turns from yucky to spotless.
Walkways turn from dark and dingy to clean and tidy.
Walls from grungy to bright.
Gutters from grimy to white.

And keep in mind, if you're thinking of painting you'll get a better longer lasting job if you prep the surface first with 30 Seconds.

30 Seconds outdoor cleaning is specifically formulated for home owners like you.

If you want a solution that cleans quickly, is easy to use, and lasts you want 30 seconds outdoor cleaner.

30 Seconds Spray and Walk Away

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30 Seconds Spray and Walk Away is one of the countries most loved brands. Its the simplest and easiest way to treat lichen, moss, mould, algae and mildew over time.

Mix 1L of 30 Seconds Spray and Walk Away to 4L of water and then simply apply to the areas to be treated.

Progressively over time, 30 Seconds Spray and Walk Away treats the problem, and restores the surfaces to their former glory.

There is no hosing or water blasting required, and its safe to use around you garden, and where children and pets play.

30 Seconds Spray and Walk Away can be used on almost any surface, such as bricks, paving, concrete and timber decks.

Just spray and walk away!

30 Seconds Indoor Mould Remover

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30 Seconds Indoor Mould Remover is the product you need to rid your home of mould and mildew. It's fully biodegradable and is suitable for use on glass, floors, sinks, vinyl curtains, benches, rubber bath mats, showers, shower doors, wood, painted walls, tile grout and tiles.

30 Seconds Indoor Mould Remover doesn't just remove the mould and mildew, it cleans, sanitises and deodorises whilst actually killing the spores that cause the mould to grow and re-appear.

It is also great as a paint preparation for paint, varnish & stain.

30 Seconds Degreaser & Cleaner 1L Ready To Use

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30 Seconds Degreaser & Cleaner is a virtually odorless, water soluble, non flammable, food grade approved cleaner and degreaser safe on virtually all surfaces.

It can be used around the house, commercially, in restaurants, bars, hotels, food processing plants and even for outdoor camping and cooking.

30 Seconds Degreaser & Cleaner works great on engines, concrete, tiles, bench tops, cook tops, range hoods, tools, extraction filters and tables.

It doesn't expire, so it can stay in your cupboard indefinitely. (It works so great, there isn't much chance of that happening!)

30 Seconds BBQ Grill Cleaner

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30 Seconds BBQ Grill Cleaner is an effective product that can be used on all BBQ surfaces, specifically designed to cut through oils and grease.

It is food grade approved, phosphate free, non caustic, non flammable and biodegradable and virtually odourless.

30 Seconds BBQ Grill Cleaner is perfect for cleaning up animal fats, vegetable fats, grease and general BBQ grime and dirt. It can also be used around the home, in restaurants, takeaway shops, hotels, motels and food processing plants.

30 Seconds Roof Treatment

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Nothing ruins the look of your home more than a neglected roof covered in moss, mould, algae, mildew and lichen.

Fortunately, it's not that hard to fix thanks to 30 Seconds Roof Treatment.

Simply mix 1L of 30 Seconds Roof Treatment with 4L of water in your garden sprayer, and up you go.

Just spray on an overcast day with no rain for 12 hours, and let 30 Seconds Roof Treatment do all the work for you.

You can use 30 Seconds Roof Treatment on any type of roof surface, concrete tiles, terracotta tiles, zincalume, polycarbonates or synthetic tiles.

You start seeing progressive results, and in 3 months you'll notice the moss, mould, algae and lichen just disappear.

30 Seconds Roof Cleaner is the cost effective way to treat your roof and add real value to your property!

30 Seconds Calcium, Rust and Lime Remover

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30 Seconds Calcium, Rust and Lime Remover is the product you need to combat calcium deposits, & lime scale build up in your bathrooms, kitchens and household appliances.

It is also useful in removing rust staining on sinks, baths, basins, toilets, masonry, tiles etc. It can be used in many different ways with no hard rubbing or scrubbing.

30 Seconds Calcium, Rust and Lime Remover is industrial strength, so it simply dissolves calcium deposits, lime scale and rust marks. It's completely safe to use on crystal, stainless steel, fiberglass, porcelain, masonry, stucco, brick, glass and tile and all your bathroom fixtures.

You can even use it on your washing machines, kettles, coffee pots, vases and humidifiers.

30 Seconds Calcium, Rust and Lime Remover is biodegradable, phosphate free, septic safe, and contains no ammonia or bleach.