Toilets and Bathrooms


Jasol Safeguard Toilet Cleaner

Removes scale and uric encrustation, positive bacteriostatic properties, cleans and deodorises, removes soap scum in shower recess, pleasant floral fragrance.

Jasol Toilet Care 20L

Concentrate, acidic cleaner removes build up in both toilet bowls and urinals
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Jasol Shower Kleen

Bathroom Cleaner / Disinfectant. 3% Available Chlorine. Deodorises, disinfects, kills and removes stubborn mould & mildew, removes soap residue, pleasant fragrance.


Jasol BC11 - Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Economical Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Colour coded, non hazardous, pleasant fragrance, economical bulk concentrate

Jasol Portatrine

Concentrated Biocide & Deodorant for Holding Tanks and Chemical/Portable toilets

Jasol Jumbo Parablocks

Concentrated Solid Deodorant for Use in Toilets. Strong pleasant fragrance, long lasting, reacts with odour causing compounds, insecticidal action.