Caravans/Boats/Portable Toilets


Caravans and Boats Holding Tank Treatment

RV & Marine Holding Tank Treatment is safe, effective bacterial formulation for odor control and waste digestion in RV's, boats and portable toilets.

Caravans and Boats Greywater Treatment

RV & Marine Greywater Treatment (GW-1) is a specially formulated product designed to reduce soap buildup and odors in greywater holding tanks in campers, RV’s and boats.

Biological Wetsuit Cleaner 750ml Spray Bottle

Biological Wetsuit Cleaner contains naturally occurring active bacteria which rids wetsuit of harmful organic waste such as salt, chlorine and soap.
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Roetech 302 Bacterial Cultures for Waste Water Treatment

ROETECH 302 is ideal for ATU's, package sewage systems and wastewater pre-treatment systems as well as larger WWTPs that handle higher levels of chemical components and ammonia.



RoeTech 106LB Bacteria Cultures for Wastewater Treatment

ROETECH 106L is a spore mixture of six patented Bacillus Bacteria.

Black Water Treatment Concentrate 100ml

Black water treatment is colourless, non-staining and eco friendly.
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