Organic Stain & Odour Remover 750ml

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Organic Stain & Odour RemoverWorks by using beneficial bacteria and enzymes specifically formulated to eliminate stains and odours present in carpets, fabrics, textiles, curtains, mattresses and clothes.
It is great for removing wine, coffee, urine, blood, vomit and other kind of organic matter, leaving a fresh citrus fragrance.

Water Soluble Packs

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Air-O-Paks are water soluble packets of highly concentrated RoeTech bacteria culture designed for use in aerated septic systems, (ATU’s), package systems and other aerated wastewater systems.
 These bacterial digest proteins, fats, oils, grease, soaps and chemicals found in cleaning products and work in both the settling chamber and aeration chamber of aerated units. 4 packets per pail.

Trap-Sak Solid Grease Trap Treatment

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A cylindrical shaped solid designed to be hung in a grease trap, large drain line or pump chamber.

Trap-Sak dissolves slowly, continuously releasing fat and food digesting Roe-Tech bacteria. Trap-Sak also contains surfactant and odour neutralizing fragrance.

Grease Destroyer Concentrate - Natural Degreaser

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Designed for all types of sewage and wastewater systems where large amounts of food oils, food residuals and grease occur, and high flow rates require a highly concentrated product.

Apply through floor drain, sink or directly into the system manually or by a pump.

Standard Grease Destroyer - Natural Degreaser

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Designed for application to various types of sewage and wastewater systems where large amounts of food oils and grease occur.

This product is most effective when applied at the end of the day when water is at a minimum. Apply through floor drain, sink or directly into the system.

Septic System Cleaner - Septic Tank Cleaner

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Cleans sluggish septic tanks, cesspools, drywells and drain fields.
 Contains fast acting bacteria cultures that act quickly to restore operating efficiency. Should be applied to any septic tanks or cesspool when the sluggishness is first noticed. Allow one week for system to return to normal and then apply K-37 or K-47 to prevent future clogging.

Septic Tank Treatment - Sewage Treatment

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Septic Tank Treatment is an aqueous suspension of non-pathogenic bacteria selected for their ability to liquefy and digest domestic sewage.

The bacteria used are strains of Bacillus, Pseudomonas and Clostridium bifermentans. These bacteria are capable of breaking down proteins, starches and fats to provide the extra biological activity necessary to rejuvenate tired systems and maintain efficient operation of septic tanks.

Soap Digester - Drainage Cleaner

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A specially formulated bacterial product to reduce accumulations of soaps and detergent in traps, pipes and on-site sewage disposal systems.


•Prevents the build up of soap
•Ends back-ups and overflows
•Keeps on-site systems working
•Lowers COD in sewage effluents
•Eliminates emergency service calls
•Ends business interruptions
•Efficient, safe and economical

Liquid Drain and Trap Cleaner

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Contains millions of live bacteria and enzymes to remove layers of build-up that cause slow drains.

Regular use keeps sinks and drains running free and smelling fresh. Safe for septic and all types of plumbing

•Bacteria break down grease and food residues
•Surfactant cleans and degreases surfaces
•Fragrance neutralizes odours
•Regular use keeps drains running clean and odour free
•Safe for all plumbing
•Economical to use

Bio Cleaner Multi Purpose Cleaner

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Bio Cleaner is a multipurpose cleaner which is specifically formulated for more effective, cleaner, quicker and easier cleaning. It is used for digesting any organic matter such as grease, grime, dirt, soap scum.
Its friendly bacteria keeps working upon applications. For optimum results, multipurpose cleaner is most effective when you give it more time to break down organic waste. Use Bio Cleaner with new microfiber cloths and mop heads. DO NOT MIX with CHEMICALS.

Mainline Cleaner | Main Sewer Lines Cleaner

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Economical and effective solution in reducing sewage build up in all types of main and sewer lines leading to septic tanks without using harsh and aggressive chemicals.
The effective solution to clogging problems as it gently digests organic matter within sewer lines restoring proper flow. Its highly concentrated waste degrading bacteria selected to clean main sewer pipes of grease, fats, sludge and paper without the use of harsh, aggressive or dangerous chemicals. It is safe for all plumbing.

Available in 1 Litre, 5 Litres and 15 Litres.

Biological Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Kit

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Cleaning a carpet can be tough when we don't know how to do it and we don't have the right poduct to use. Here's the solution - it offers 100% chemical free, safe and effective carpet cleaning.

With this carpet cleaning kit, it will give your carpet a fresh and clean look.  It is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional and traditional carpet cleaning methods. Great for pet stains removal, food and drink stains, carpet cleaning and disinfection, freshening carpets, urine removal and any unpleasant odours.

Try this Biological Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Kit now! Just follow the instructions in the more details. It's proven to work and effective for many professional cleaners have used it and the results are great.

If you are a professional carpet cleaner, we offer a special price for you.

Wee Off Pet Starter Kit

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If you want to get out of trouble in dealing with pet accidents, Wee Off Pet Starter Kit is the answer.
This Wee Urine Remover Kit helps treat and eliminate urine stains and odours inside your house or on the carpet. It contains the spot on products for the treatment pet urine accidents. Available in large and small

Bio Natural Wee Off UV Torch | Urine Detector

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Wee Off UV Blacklight is designed to make invisible urine deposits easy to find.
Focused beam reaches up to 1.5m. It comes with batteries. Low power usage for long battery life.

Pimp out stains with Wee Off torch for easy removal and treatment of urine residue and then treat urine with Wee Off.

Wee Off UV Hand Light | Urine Detector

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Reliable and impact resistant urine detector - helps you find urine stains that are invisible to the naked eye.

Bio Nozzle - Electric Sprayer

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Bio Nozzle is an electric sprayer that fits onto the 4L Bottle of Wee Off just to make it easier for you to spray larger areas.
To use, simply press the trigger.