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Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

Rubbermaid Spray Mop with Microfibre Pad. With the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop, you can save more and waste less. It is made of durable yet lightweight material.


Sabco Super Swish Spray Mop in Clamshell

With this most efficient spray mop, you won't need to take out a bucket & mop when you want to clean, the spray mop is always ready to use!


Vileda ProMist integrated Spray & Mop System

Just fill the water bottle to spray and clean.  Quick and Easy Cleaning. No need for a bucket. Premium Microfibre cleaning pad. Refillable bottle.

Rubbermaid Flow Flat Mop Finish Kit

Help reduce labour costs and improve productivity and worker wellbeing with the highly portable Rubbermaid Flow™ Floor Finishing System.

RMRFGQ97900 YL00
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Decitex Fluid Flat Mop by Oates

A revolutionary mop that allows the user quick spill mop up and to cover larger areas in a shorter time. 
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Decitex Fluid Disp Mop 3D Pad 10PK

Reusable & convenient microfibre pad. For damp mopping of smooth floor surfaces. Washable up to 50 times. Colour coded range to help avoid the risk of cross contamination between different areas.

Decitex Fluid Dry DispMop Pad

Electrostatic microfibre gauze pad for dry mopping floors. It leaves no parraffin or oil deposits. Disposable ® single use only.

Bona Spray Mop System with Refillable Cartridge

A cleaning system comprising a mop with a spray unit built into the handle, a cleaning pad and a ready to use detergent designed for finished timber flooring in an 850 ml cartridge. This helps keep the floor clean and to help prevent premature wear!

Oates Spray n Glide Mop

Convenient, time-saving flat mop with water dispenser  lightweight, easy to use, with ergonomic trigger. Colour coded microfibre pads trap dirt & dust. Use on tiles, timber & linoleum with or without chemicals. No bucket required.

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Spray N Glide Mop Refill

Microfibre attracts and traps dirt and grime. This is ideal for use on smooth tiled surfaces and polished timber floors.   It can be used wet or dry, with or without chemicals.

Spray Mop Numatic HM40 Henry 40cm with Cover

The Henry and Hetty Spraymops combine all the real advantages of Microbre mops and can be utilized dry or wet, with or without cleaning agents or disinfectant.

Rubbermaid Pro Spray Mop on Shelf Display

Suitable for quick clean ups. Lightweight one-step cleaning solution eliminates the need for a separate bucket. Great for light commercial cleaning such as Cafe’s, Restaurants and small business owners.
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Decor Speed Misting Spray Mop

Decor Speed Misting Spray, 100% power microfibre and has a built in removable water tank for bucket-less cleaning.
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Decor Speed Misting Spray Mop Replacement Pad

Designed to be used with Decor Speed Misting Spray Mop. It can remove dirt, scuff marks without using detergent.
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