Medium to Large Size Water Pressure Cleaners

Gerni Alpha Booster 3-26

Compact stationary line for everyday cold water cleaning
The ALPHA BOOSTER line is suitble for everyday cleaning in agriculture, butchers, bakers, around swimming pools and in garages and car rental companies.

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Gerni Duo Booster

2-pump stationary cold water unit for medium and heavy cleaning applications in agriculture, milking sheds, industry, food industry and shipping. The DUO BOOSTER is a 2-pump model for heavy cleaning applications with 1 or 2 users at same time.

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Gerni Poseidon 2-22 Commercial Pressure Washer

The GERNI POSEIDON 2 range is destined for low intensity use and routine cleaning tasks. They offer excellent cleaning performance, compact storage and easy handling. It has automatic Start/Stop.

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Gerni Poseidon 4-29

Compact cold water high pressure cleaner. The POSEIDON 4 is a robust and durable addition to our low mid range line of cold water pressure washers.



Gerni POSEIDON 5-30PA & 5-56PA

The GERNI POSEIDON 5 PA-FA mid range are the most versatile partners for demanding customers in agriculture, industry, construction and automotive.


Gerni POSEIDON 6-64 FA

The POSEIDON 6 is equipped with the NA6 wobble disc pump with 4 ceramic pistons and robust construction optimised for intense use greater than 5 hours per day.

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Gerni POSEIDON 7-67 FA

POSEIDON 7-67 FA Three phase with 10m high pressure hose, gun & tornado lance. It is one of the cold water premium range from Gerni which has silent power.

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Gerni Uno Booster

The UNO BOOSTER is a flexible model for heavy cleaning applications. The design with stainless steel cabinet and frame ensure that hygiene is optimal, with no risk of corrosion.

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Gerni Poseidon 8-111

A simple high power premium class line - combining high pressure and high water flow levels for routine cleaning in agriculture, transport or food industries.
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Kerrick EI3015 Pressure Washer 3Phase 3000PSI

A compact 3 phase industrial pressure cleaner with a hardy L-shaped frame, this unit has been locally designed and manufactured by Kerrick specifically for the Australian market.

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Gerni MC 4M Pressure Cleaner

Gerni MC 4M Pressure Cleaner with external Foam Sprayer System. This professional portable single phase cold water pressure cleaner is designed for light to moderate commercial use.
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