Self contained Brush Carpet Extraction Machines


Windsor Cadet 7 - CDT7IA

Windsor’s Cadet 7 efficiently deep cleans carpet. It is easy- to-use controls reduce operator fatigue. Its brush setting easily adjusts to eight different positions for maximum performance.

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Windsor Clipper - CLP12IA

The industry’s most productive mid-sized carpet extractor.
Flip handle for push or pull operation for increased productivity. Convenient fingertip controls for operator comfort.


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Windsor Mini Pro

Productively clean and freshen up carpet surfaces with less effort.

Windsor Admiral

Windsor’s Admiral 8 increases your productivity with features that make your job easier.

Windsor Commodore

Low profile and compact design allow exceptional maneuverability in small areas. Unique Penetrator™ vacuum shoe design provides superior solution recovery and faster dry time.

Windsor Voyager

Five ways to use Windsor’s DUO Carpet Extractors

Kerrick Elite Silent Plus

Self contained walk behind large area carpet with built in rotating brush and squeegee. Shampoos, brushes and dries 50cm path with 60db sound. 


Kerrick Sharon Brush


Kerrick Charis

The Charis is a self contained heavy duty carpet extractor ideally suited to cleaning contractors, hotels, cinemas and clubs. It will clean a 400mm wide strip of carpet in a single pass with twin counter-rotating brushes.