Battery Operated Medium Size Scrubber Dryers

Hand held Caddy Clean scrubber complete

Hand held Caddy Clean scrubber complete with adjustable handle, solution tank, + holder and belt clip, charger, 2 x hard brushes, 2 x soft brushes, 2 x pad holders, range a pads & carry bag.


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Nilfisk SC351 Walk Behind Battery Scrubber/Dryer

Next generation in daily small area scrubbing and drying.

Nilfisk SC351 provides both forward and backward scrubbing and drying with an impressive brush pressure of 27 kg.

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Nilfisk SC450 Battery Walk Behind Scrubber/Dryer

The innovative SC450 has been created in conjunction with the contract cleaner sector aimed at reducing the total cost of ownership for end users.

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35cm Columbus walk behind battery scrubber Dryer

This low cost scrubber dryer which is ideal for use in small areas and heavily congested spaces. Large wheels for excellent manoeuvrability and easy transport up and down stairs.


Numatic TTB1840 18L Battery Scrubber Dryer - 400mm

The TwinTec 1840 battery floorcare machine has been engineered to substantially reduce size whilst, at the same time, maximise the performance and handling.

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Numatic Combi Clean 2 in 1 Primaster Scrubber

New from Finland the Primaster Combi 2 in 1 scrubber will allow you to clean narrow and difficult to reach areas immediately and effectively without the annoying presence of electric cables. 

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TASKI Swingo 350 B Scrubber Drier - Battery Powered

Ultra-compact 15 inch (38 cm) auto scrubber is designed with a low machine profile and a handle that folds backwards for easy access under tables or racks.

Genie XS Compact Scrubber Dryer

The Genie XS is a compact scrubber dryer powered by a Lithium-Ion battery, which can be charged quickly making this machine perfect for fast targeted cleaning.
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Viper Floor Scrubbing Machine | Compact 38cm Wide Battery Scrubber

Floor Scrubber which is ideal for smaller areas that are just too large or time consuming to manually mop.