Complete range of Unger window squeegees, window washers, squeegee handles, rubbers, etc


Unger Stainless Steel S Type

Comfortable: Ergonomically designed handle. Simple: Clip lock, quick channel change. Convenient: Fits on telescopic pole


Unger ErgoTec Handle

ErgoTec Handle
Comfortable: Optimal handling, less injuries. Quick: Simple replacement of rubber and channel. Safe: No twisting or dropping (safety cone)


Unger Golden Clip Channel & Rubber (with clips)

• Quality: Particularly sturdy.
• Safe: Firm channel fit, screwed down.
• Durable: Brass Stainless.

Unger ErgoTec Swivel Lock Handle

Convenient: Available in two head angles (0°, 30°). Compatible: S-channel. Comfortable: Ergonomic two-component handle.


Unger Visa Versa Combination Tool

• Convenient: Fast performance – without changing!
• Safe: Locks in place – no twisting, no dropping!
• Quick: Ideal for telescopic pole!

Unger Easy Glider Rubber

• Pro quality: Long durability.
• Effective: Thorough wiping due to sharp edges.
• Quick: Handles large areas easily and quickly.

Unger Micro Strip Replacement Sleeve

Effective: Superior cleaning power, high water retention (6 times its own weight). Handles large areas. Convenient: Easy to wash, also machine washing and drying.

Unger Monsoon Plus Replacement Sleeve

Effective Increased water retention. High Performance, Handles large areas.Convenient, Easy to wash.

Unger Original Replacement Sleeve

Performance: Good cleaning power.  Convenient: Easy to wash.

Unger Strip Washer (Ruf-Face) Replacement Sleeve

Convenient: Removes tough dirt. Performance: Good cleaning power.  Saves time: Quick cleaning.

Unger Swivel Strip Washer T-Bar

Convenient: Angle adjustable to 7 positions, set screw. Lightweight: Solid aluminium with plastic handle. Versatile: Fits on telescopic pole.

Unger Ergotec T-Bar

Ergonomic: Two-component handle. Effective: Water wells, increased water retention. Safe: Locks in place on safety cone.


Unger Optiloc Extension Poles

Telescopic pole, 2 sections, with ERGOTEC® Safety Cone

Unger Adapter Angle Alum ACME

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Unger Teleplus System

Made of anodised extruded aluminium, our unique modular system allows you to build the length you want up to 9.0 metres! Snap-in threaded cone included. 4m two section starter pole. Add extra 1.8m sections to make 5.8m or 7.2m or 9m pole if and when required.

Unger Springs for Nylon Pole Tip

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Unger Collar Small Complete

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Unger Collar Large Complete

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HiFlo Euro Tip Thread Adapter

Unger Euro threaded pole tip. Fits OptiLoc or Tele-Plus pole.

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Unger Bucket On A Belt

• Convenient: Bucket on belt, for all important tools.
• Effective: Ideal on ladders or in narrow spaces.
• Quick: Clip lock for quick fastening.
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Unger The Belt

Convenient: Loops for tools (squeegee, etc.). Quick: Clip lock. Quality: Solid nylon material.
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Unger Ergo Handle Extension

A single extension pole used for those windows just out of reach. Light and easy to use. This extension handle is available in 2 sizes 24” or hand held size as pictured. Compatible: Fits to all cone tools. Safe: With ErgoTec safety cone.


Unger Fixi-Clamp

Made of fibreglass reinforced nylon. Innovative design quickly and easily grips sponges, rags, cloths, mop heads and Handi-Brush. Use with many types of cleaning solvents and liquids. Easily attaches to all Unger poles.

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Unger Cranked Joint Angle Adaptor

Made of nylon. Lightweight and durable. Adjust tools to clean at any angle up to 300°. Squeegees, washers and other tools can be quickly attached.
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Unger Maxi Scraper 10cm

Ergonomic handle, rubber-coated. Blade protection cap ensures safety. With razor-edge and blunt-edge
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Unger Pro Trim Scraper

Convenient: Small and convenient - pocket sized blade. Safe: Slide-out blade protection. Simple: Blade replacement and cleaning at push of a button.

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Pack of 25

Unger Trim 100mm Scraper

Double-edged blade made from tempered Swedish steel. Conforms to glass for professional results. Use hand-held or lock into PROHANDLE to use with pole. Available in 4"Quality: Strong stainless steel.
• Convenient: Fits in Unger squeegee handles (for telescopic poles).
• Safe: Folding mechanism.
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Unger Ergotec 4 Short Handle Scraper

Ergonomic: Comfortable plastic handle. Strong: Angled, heavy metal head. Effective: Blade with razor-edge & blunt edge.

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Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper

Strong: Extra power due to 25cm handle. Effective: Blade with razor-edge & blunt edge. Safe: With protective cap.
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Blade For Unger Short and Long Handled Scraper

Effective: Sharp edge for removal of glue and carpet, for instance. Blunt edge for removal of stucco and severe dirt.
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Unger Ergo Safety Scraper

Ergonomic scraper with safety mechanism.
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Unger Safety Scraper

Sturdy: Made of metal. Safe: Retractable blade. Handy: Always within arms reach.
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Unger Safety Scraper Blades

•Effective: Razor edge (one side)
•Safe: Single edge razor blade with alu holder.
•Convenient: Easy to replace.
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ErgoTec XL Handle

• Quick: Simple replacement of rubber and S-channel.
• Safe: No twisting or dropping (safety cone).
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Pro Handle with Rubber Grip

• Comfortable: Ergonomically designed handle.
• Simple: Clip lock, quick channel change.
• Convenient: Fits on telescopic pole
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Golden Handle

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ErgoTec Swivel Lock Handle - 30 Degree Angled Head

•Convenient: Available in two head angles (0°, 30°).
•Compatible: S-channel
•Comfortable: Ergonomic two-component handle.

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Unger Pro Bucket 22 Litre

Heavy-duty 22 Litre bucket with larger footprint for increased stability. Easily fits 18" washer. Rounded pour spouts on 2 corners make it easy to empty with more control.

Unger SpeedClean Window Cleaning Kit

For use with your standard extension poles to reach high interior windows. The Unger SpeedClean Kit gives you Drip-Free Window Cleaning.

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Unger Aluminum Pad Holder 175mm 8

Euro-threaded, Unger 8" aluminum pad holder with a swivel head. Attach the available 8" Unger White Scrub Pad, Microfiber Polish Pad, and Microfiber Wash Pad to your pole. Also accepts 6" x 9" scrubbing pads.

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Unger Microfibre Polishing Pad 8 20cm

This 8" 200mm Unger Microfiber Polish Pad is ideal for maintenance cleaning and final polish.
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Unger Microfiber Wash Pad 8 20cm

This 8" Unger Microfiber Wash pad is excellent for deep cleaning and scrubbing.
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Unger Scrub Pad 8 20cm

Use this Unger 8" 200mm standard white scrub pad for cleaning difficult substances.
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Blade for Unger ErgoTec Carbon 6 pack 25

Replacement blades for ErgoTec glass scraper. Laquer coated, carbon steel, double edge, double honed. Blades are individually wrapped in paper to prevent rust, and come in a reusable plastic telescoping case
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Scraper Cover ErgoTec Glass 150mm

Replacement cover for the ErgoTec Glass Scraper 15. Snaps onto head for safety and storage
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Scraper Track ErgoTec Glass 150mm

Replacement blade holder insert
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Unger Grip for #5 Add n Arm Section

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Unger Collar Locking Inside Small

The inside piece of the Unger Opti-Loc Collar.
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Unger Collar Locking Inside Large

The inside piece of the Unger Opti-Loc Collar.
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Unger Handle ErgoTec Ninja

The Ninja has an ergonomic swivel handle that offers perfect balance and comfort which means less strain on hand and wrist.Its TriLoc channel locking mechanism allows for fast and secure channel change and repositioning.SmartClip is a revolutionary end clip design. You’ll have fast and easy rubber change that is tension-adjustable.

Unger End Plug Ninja (Pair) Replacement

This Ninja SmartClip is a revolutionary design that offers fast and easy rubber change that has adjustable tension.

These are replacement plugs for all sizes of Ninja Channels.

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Unger Ninja Squeegee Channels

This channel utilises the TriLoc channel locking mechanism which allows for fast and secure channel change and repositioning. The SmartClip is a revolutionary end clip design. You will have fast and easy rubber change that is tension-adjustable.


Unger Ninja T Bar Washer Handle

Keep your windows and other glass surfaces sparkling clean with the Unger Ninja T-bar window washer handle. This solid, anodized T-bar features an adjustable head that swivels and locks to any position, and is compatible with any Unger window washer sleeve, however the Ninja sleeve is recommended. It easily attaches to Unger poles using the ErgoTec locking cone.

Unger Ninja Washer Sleeve

Superior water retention and cleaning power. Extra long fibre which has Built-in scrubbing bristles includes microfiber. Very Handy Two Abrasive Pads One on each side, provide extra scrubbing power. Hook and Loop Fastener to T bar. Machine washable: Up to 500 times.


Unger nLite Clamp Complete

Spare clamp mechanism to clamp pole sections. Available in yellow and grey.

Unger Window Cleaning Kit

Bucket-on-a-belt & Squeegee & Washer & Scraper
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Holster ErgoTec Scraper Unger

Fits all Unger scrapers. One large compartment for ErgoTec Scraper. A medium size compartment for Trim Safety Scraper or extra blades. A small compartment for Mini Scraper or blades. The front compartments securely close with velcro fastener
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Unger Ergotec Easy Glide Soft Rubber

It handles large areas easily and quickly. Long Durability, provides thorough wiping due to sharp edges.

Unger SmartFit WaterWand Heavy Duty

The SmartFit™ WaterWand™ Heavy Duty is a floor squeegee ideal for removing water easily from uneven floor surfaces such as grouted tile or non-slip and broadcast grid floors.

Unger HiFlo Nlite Hose Clips

Spare clips to connect hose to nLite Waterfed poles.
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Unger SmartFit Sanitary Brush

Regular Standard Chrome WaterWand channel and black moss rubber double squeegee for the most efficient water removal even on uneven or grouted tile floors.

Unger SmartFit WaterWand Standard

For easy cleaning and controlling bacterial growth, this floor squeegee is fully-moulded in smooth tough plastic.

Waterwand Heavy Duty

It can be used with aluminium handles. Soft, twin foam rubber blades conform to uneven surfaces leaving floors dry. Adjustable socket accepts most 22mm handles.

Waterwand Standard 55cm

Heavy-duty galvanised steel construction floor squeegee with twin foam rubber blades. Moss rubber has two wiping edges.
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Unger HiFlo Nlite Hybrid Pole

The HiFlo™ nLite Hybrid Carbon Pole gives you excellent rigidity and value. This waterfed pole is recommended for working at heights of up to 10 m / 35 ft.

HiFlo nLite HiMod Carbon Pole

The HiFlo™ nLite HiMod Carbon Pole is ultimate in rigidity, superlight pole.  It is recommended for working at heights of up to 20m/ 65ft. Master pole includes a thread adapter and end cap.

Unger Ergo Tec 6 150mm Scraper

15 cm T-scraper with Unger ErgoTec Ergonomic handle and protective cover. New comfortable, lightweight, ergonomic and durable design. Great on glass and the perfect solution for everyday glass cleaning. Includes 1 carbon steel blade. Fits onto Unger locking cone.
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