Brooms, Socks & Pillows

Pillow Absorbent Universal - Pack of 5

For use on all hard surfaces to absorb and contain spills of water-based liquids, including paints, pesticides, herbicides, body fluids, and food stuffs. .

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Pillow Absorbent Oil - Pack of 5

Enretech absorbent pillows are one of the most absorbent products available on the market today.

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Bilge Rat - Carton of 10

Enretech Bilge Rats have been designed to fit into small and large boat bilges to absorb any free oil or fuel.  Each product comes with a tie to secure it for easy retrieval. 

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Brrom Absorbent Floating 3.0m x 15cm - Carton of 3

For use on water to both contain and absorb oil and fuel spills. Commonly used small marinas, collection ponds, dams and wastewater collection pits. Suitable for the automotive, industrial, commercial markets, marine, waste management and manufacturing industries.

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Broom Absorbent Mini 60cm x 15cm - Pack of 5

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Sock Absorbent oil

Natural, 100% biodegradable, non-toxic products for both spill containment and absorption.  Environmentally-friendly alternative to synthetic polypropylene products.

Sock Absorbent Universal 1.2m x 10cm - Pack of 2

Natural, 100% biodegradable, non-toxic product for both spill containment and absorption. Environmentally-friendly alternative to synthetic GP polypropylene products.

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