Dry Area Vacuum Cleaners

SEBO K3 Premium Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Perfect for those homes that require a dust and allergy free environment. The SEBO K3 Premium is both Allergy and Asthma friendly with 100% Pet Hair Pick up.

A CHOICE Recommended Product!

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Power Plus

A brilliant multi cyclonic cylinder with motorized power head for deep carpet cleaning.

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Power Plus3 - All Terrain

A multi cyclonic cylinder with features that cover all terrain for complete home cleaning.

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Power Plus3 - Pets

An outstanding multi cyclonic cylinder with great features that are ideal for homes with pets.

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Power Plus3 - Stairs

An outstanding multi cyclonic cylinder with great features that are ideal for homes with stairs.

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A blissfully quiet bagged vacuum cleaner with Ionizer technology to help purify the air as you clean.

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Hako-Supervac D5 Vacuum Cleaner

Compact vacuum cleaner for commercial use in offices, hotels etc.


A powerful bagged vacuum with fantastic suction and great value for money.

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Kerrick Leo

High performance compact vacuum
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Pullman As5 Canister 5L Vacuum Cleaner

Made in Italy canister vacuum cleaner with 2.1m hose.

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Workman C-5000

A powerful commercial vacuum cleaner with large capacity and heavy duty features.
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Hoover 4060 workman 6L HCC05 Vacuum Cleaner

Good reliability for cleaning in a commercial environment.

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The Z950 is very economical in comparison for what you get for your buck.
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Alto Saltix 10

Reliable and compact vacuum for everyday use

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Polivac Wombat Canister Vacuum

Bullet-proof, easy-to-use, simple-to-service.

Workman C-7000

A powerful dry vacuum with large capacity specifically for commercial use. 

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Henry NBV190-2 Cordless Battery Commercial Vacuum

The NBV190 has the classic Numatic styling and quality, incorporating our specially designed 36V lithium polymer battery pack, providing excellent performance and total freedom of operation.

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Numatic PSP180A Henry Junior Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Numatic PSP180A comes with budget dusting brush and crevice tool, powder coated tubes and a heavy combination floor tool. Suited for domestic, commercial and contract cleaning.

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Numatic Hetty HET200P 9L Pink Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Everyone knows Henry, Europe's favourite vacuum cleaner with now over six million in use; bringing a smile to those cleaning chores. Henry has now got a friend - Hetty.

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Numatic SSV250 Stainless Steel Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The all stainless construction of the SSV250 offers people just that little bit more than the average vacuum cleaner.

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Karcher T 9/1 Bp

The new T 9/1 Bp dry vacuum cleaner from Kärcher features a unique hybrid technology: depending on requirements, the unit can be operated in either the mains-powered or battery-powered mode.
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Numatic HVR200 Henry Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Energy Efficient, A rated. Numatic high efficiency long life motor vacuum cleaner.


Lightweight machine for dry area cleaning.

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Karcher T 10/1 Professional

With the new T 10/1 Professional we enlarge our dry vacuum program with a machine made especially for the target group building service contractors.

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Nilfisk VP300 Vacuum Cleaner

The Nilfisk VP300 is a basic, well-built, thoroughly reliable machine that can be relied upon to do the job day in day out.

Cleanstar Butler - Dry Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

A European made, quiet operation machine with 10L capacity. It is suitable for large areas such as hotels, schools, offices, churches, etc.

Taski Vento 8 and 15 Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Corded electric canister vacuum cleaners designed for maximum maneuverability and stability while enhancing air quality via an industry-leading filtration system.

Housemaid 10 Litre Commercial Plastic Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre plastic vacuum cleaner which is designed for commercial use.

Karcher T 12/1

The new Kärcher T 12/1 is a highly efficient and quiet vacuum cleaner

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Numatic PPH320A Energy Saving Commercial Dry Vac

Equipped with AutoSave the PPH320A provides powerful cleaning and up to 50% energy savings. 

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Comac CA15 Eco

The CA15 ECO is the little Comac professional vacuum cleaner.
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Comac CA15 Silenzio

The CA15 Silenzio is the little Comac professional vacuum cleaner
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Karcher T15/1 Dry Vacuum Cleaner

With the dry vacuum cleaner T 15/1 Karcher modernize their existing commercial dry vacuum cleaner range and reoccupy this important market segment with a top class model.

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NILFISK GD930S2 Commercial Vacuum

Rugged, stable and powerful. World class vacuum cleaners for effective daily cleaning of large areas.    

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Pullman AS4 1200w canister (ICS ONLY) Vacuum Cleaner

Pullman AS4 Canister Vacuum cleaner with 1200 watts.

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Numatic NVQ370 Quiet Vacuum Cleaner

This vac cleaner has an extremely quite motor. The NVQ370 incorporates Tritex primary filtration and are equipped with our skid free mobility and stability package.

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Kerrick Housekeeper VH203HK

The Housekeeper is fitted with a long life, cool running motor, designed for commercial use. Large 17 litre PVC tank for dry only pickup.
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Kerrick Yes Play 202 Vacuum Cleaner 17L 1300W

The powerful 1300 watt motor is mounted above its 17 litre high impact PVC tank to give the unit greater suction and more efficient air flow. 

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Kerrick Roky VH103

High performance heavy duty Vacuum cleaner powered by high suction vacuum motor incorporating direct cooling and variable suction control to provide economical and effect cleaning.

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Kerrick VH203 MEC

High performance mid size vacuum cleaner powered by a high suction by-pass vacuum motor.

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Kerrick Hospital VH320HK

The ultimate high filtration, low noise vacuum cleaner with high performance in cleaning.
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Nilfisk CFM 118

Mod. 118 is a single-phase industrial vacuum cleaner for dust and dry materials.
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Numatic 80L NTD2003 Industrial Dry Vacuum Cleaner

This 80 litre stainless steel vacuum cleaner provides all that you need in a heavy duty machine, dual motors, giant shakeable filter system and heavy duty transit wheels.  

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Karcher T 7/1 Dry Area Vacuum Cleaner

The T 7/1 is a supremely robust, functional and powerful dry vacuum cleaner

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Nilfisk VP600 Vacuum Cleaner - Efficient and Energy Saver

Efficient and energy saving cleaning performance vacuum cleaner.

Kerrick Fox Handheld HEPA Vacuum

Compact, handheld and sucking up dirt at an impressive rate of 1800 l/min, the Fox is not something to be sneezed at.
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Kerrick Micro Plus Hospitality Dry Vacuum

The Micro is a compact, lightweight, dry commercial vacuum
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Kerrick Ecospital Anti-Bacterial Vacuum Cleaner 24L

A practical, well thought out unit, this hospital vacuum cleaner is a low noise machine that operates as only 64 dB(A), M Class rated, has a bag full indicator light and an onboard tool caddy. 
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Kerrick Telecontrol SP13 Dry Vacuum 37L 1500W

This dry vacuum cleaner is unique because the operator can clean the filter at any time
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Kerrick 3 Flow Maxi Bag Dry Vacuum Cleaner

This three motor vacuum cleaner features automatic and continual cleaning of the filters during operation.
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Kerrick Volcan Heat resistant Stainless Steel Vacuum 41L 1600W

This product is a a unique hot ash vacuum cleaner designed for high temperature applications (maximum 120° C) such as bakeries, hot bread shops, pizzerias, chimney sweeps and furnace ash bins etc.
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Sonixx Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum 2400 Watts

Sonixx is a powerful bagless vacuum cleaner that does an excellent job of cleaning smaller homes.
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Pullman CD1203 10L Dry Vacuum

The Pullman 10L has been engineered to make commercial vacuuming easier due to its lightweight design and superior Gulper tool.
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Fury 2000 Watt Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Metal based wheeled combination floor tool, so you can use it on both carpet and hard floors.
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