Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

No-one does backpack vacuums like Cleaners Supermarket! We have the biggest range at the right price, and if you need a little extra guidance, give us a call for expert advice!

If you're looking at backpacks for the first time, you're probably looking at all the pictures below thinking.. "They all look the same! What's difference? What features do I need?"

Don't stress! We've helped hundreds of people just like you find the machine that's right for them. Whether you're a professional cleaner, or you just want something a little more convenient for around the home or workplace, we can match you with the machine thats most suitable for you situation.

A backpack vacuum is supposed to be comfortable, convenient and efficient. They're supposed to make your life easier! We have a comprehensive range of backpack vacuum cleaners for you to choose from. We do all the major brands including Karcher, Nilfisk, Pacvac, Polivac, Numatic, Hako, Rocket Vacs and Shadow Vacs.

Don't feel overwhelmed by the range, be comforted by the fact we can guide you to the machine that will give you an easier clean!

If you'd like a little bit of extra information on the Pacvac range, click here.

Pacvac 650TH Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

New Upgraded THRIFT 650TH economical, lightweight and comfortable backpack vacuum cleaner with an ultimate suction power.
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Pacvac THRIFT Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner

The New THRIFT Vaccum Cleaner has Pacvac's quality commercial strength ,value for money backpack vacuum.

1400W Aerolite Backpack Vacuum Cleaner and Blower

Dual Function as vacuum cleaner/blower.

1400W Aerolite Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Pink

Dual Function as vacuum cleaner/blower. It is available in silver or black.
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Comac Vacuum Ceaner Backpack

Made in Australia. quality performance tested throughout the years by quality manufacturer. Back Pack Vacuum by Comac is 1300W MAX and is ready for any job you can throw at the machine.


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Commander 900 Backpack Vacuum Pullman Advance

The Pullman Advance Commander 900 is a carefully designed backpack vacuum cleaner that is extremely comfortable to wear and has exceptional cleaning power.
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Contractor CV3 BE Series Backpack Vacuum - Cleaners Supermarket

An easy to use, light-weight and ergonomically designed backpack vacuum to ensure cleaning is efficient. The wrap around harness ensures that pressures on the shoulders and hips is reduced.

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Eurostar Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

A super light 4.2 kg commercial backpack vacuum cleaner. It has the best warranty in the world. 5 years motor warranty parts and world. 1200 watts. It has On/Off Switch on Harness. On the spot repair guaranteed.

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Ghibli SafeT1 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Your safety is the priority. Bright orange high-vis vacuum hose with 20M orange extension lead with built-in RCD (safety switch). Made in Italy.
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Ghibli T1 1450 Watt Backpack Vacuum Cleaner - T1v2

If you are looking for lightest, quietest, and most powerful backpack vacuum cleaner, the new improved Italian made Ghibili T1 is perfectly designed for you.
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Ghibli T1 Back Pack

This backpack is a quality Italian made machine. It's compact, light, handy and powerful. It's an excellent all round flow through vacuum. This model has been proven worldwide.
Click here for Ghibli T1 Back Pack Spares.


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Hoover 6030 Workman Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover Workman 6030 Backpack Vacuum is built for the tough commercial environments that require solid and reliable performance with every use.
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Karcher Battery Operated Backpack Vacuum Cleaner 1300W 5L Container 58dB (A) BV 5/1 Bp

With innovative hybrid technology this machine can be run on batteries where access to a power supply is difficult, but can be operated from a normal power outlet, as well.

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Karcher BV 5/1 Backpack Vacuum

The BV 5/1 is particularly used where it is too tight for conventional vacuum cleaners between seat rows of cinemas and theaters, in buses, trains and airplane cabs, in stairways of hotels and offices as well as in strongly transferred areas.

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Kerrick Silver Shadow Backpack Vacuum 5L 1200W Motor

The Silver Shadow is ideal for commercial use and comes with an outlet for power head and triple filtration for maximum motor protection and overall product life. 

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Kerrick VH060 1200W BackPack

The Backpack Vacuum Model VH060 is a lightweight, powerful vacuum. Its flexible shoulder straps and ventilated back support are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. 
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Nilfisk Backpack Vacuum Cleaner GD5 Model

Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner from Nilfisk


Nilfisk BV1100 Vacuum Cleaner

The BV1100 is designed to tolerate a small amount of water. Designed for areas such as pubs, clubs and restaurants, it is basically an insurance policy against small unseen spillage’s. This durable machine is ideal in all situations.  

Numatic RSB140-2 Battery Powered Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner

This go anywhere, anytime battery powered back pack has had particular attention paid to user comfort, convenience and safety with an ergonomically designed, comfortable harness system, lighter weight and lower noise levels.

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Numatic RSV130 Ruc Sac Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

This versatile RSV (Ruc Sac Vac) has an 1100w motor, 6L capacity, large filter system and 2-stage Microflo disposable dust bags. Ergonomically designed, comfortable harness system allows the operator good mobility into those awkward to reach locations.

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Origin 100BV Backpack Vacuum

Designed for commercial applications where performance is required with low CO2 emissions.

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Origin 150BV Backpack Vacuum

Designed for commercial applications where quiet high performance is required.

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Origin 200BV Backpack Vacuum

Designed for commercial applications, fitted with a by-pass motor, ideal for operating in environments where spillage can occur.

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Origin HEPA 150V Backpack Vacuum

Designed specifically for applications that require quiet operation with a high level of filtration to commercial standards.

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Origin Pacer Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum

Designed for commercial applications where the convenience for a cable free vacuum is required. Such as heavy pedestrian traffic areas and where OH & S is imperative.

Pacvac Battery Vacuum Cleaner Superpro 700

Take a step further with the new cordless vacuum cleaner from Pacvac! The backpack vacuum with freedom and performance without limits. Lighter than other battery back packs on the market, offering superior ergonomics and speed.

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Pacvac Micron 700 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

The Superpro Micron 700 is specifically designed for chemical laboratories, high tech laboratories and control-critical hospital wards.

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Pacvac Superpro 700 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Superpro 700 is specifically designed for Airports, Commercial Premises, Department Stores, Offices, Resorts, Schools, Showrooms, Surgeries and Theatres.

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Pacvac Superpro Duo Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

The Superpro Duo 700 is specifically designed for Cafes, Factories, Hospitals, Laboratories, Nursing Homes where accidental spillage of liquid is likely to occur.

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Pacvac Superpro Wispa 700 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Wispa 700 is specifically designed for environmentally green cleaning. It is fitted with an energy and volume control switch.

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Pacvac Superpro700 Dry backpack vacuum

The Pacvac Superpro 700 backpack vacuum is a reliable commercial machine that offers great 4-stage filtration and large 5-litre capacity. Includes a Hypercone™ HEPA filter, two cloth bags and five paper vacuum bags to get you started!

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Pacvac Trans 700 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

The Superpro Trans 700 is specifically wired for On-Board Power Systems found on various Transportation such as Aircraft, Ships, Trains etc.

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Piggyvac Backpack Vacuum Cleaner - 1200 Watt (240v)

A great comfortable and light weight backpack, excellent airflow and quiet machine.
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Polivac Back Pack Vac Koala Vacuum

Lightweight, heavy-duty commercial back pack vac.  
All-Australian designed for the toughest commercial and trades cleaning conditions.

Pullman PV12BE 1200w Backpack Vacuum

This Australian made backpack cacuum from Pullman. It has powerful 1200W Flow Thru Domel motor helps ensure your floors receive a thorough clean every time.

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Pullman PV14BE 1100w Bypass Backpack Vacuum

An Australian made backpack vacuum with 1100 watts. It is fitted with a by-pass motor; ergonomic harness for comfortable operation. Anti-crush hose for increased durability. With 1 year warranty.

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Pullman PV15BE HEPA backpack Vacuum 1300 Watts

The Pullman PV15 backpack is an Australian-made commercial vacuum cleaner with strong and robust design, exceptional HEPA H13 filtration, 15m detachable IEC cable. It has domel flow-through motor.

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Rotobic Rocket Vac XP Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

This is the lightest and most powerful backpack vacuum cleaner on the market at the moment at just 4.2kgs. Perfect for offices, homes and shops where there is no chance of accidentally vacuuming up liquid.

Shadow Vac Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Powerful high airflow 2 stage, 1000 watt by-pass motor. Manufactured from light weight yet robust ABS plastic, with integral moulded cord restrainer and tool holder. Bypass motor for when spills may be an issue.