Floor Polishers

Polivac PV25 Suction Polisher

The world's first suction polisher. It has acknowledged industry workhorse with exceptional reliability. And it is all Australian designed and built.

Polivac C25 Non Suction Polisher

Polivac C25 Non Suction Polisher is highly reliable industry workhorse. It is all-australian designed and built non-suction polisher. Based on the proven PV25 Suction Polisher.  



SEBO Ultra High Speed Polisher

It has never been easier to let hard floors look like new. The innovative Ultra-High-Speed (UHS) Floor Polisher SEBO DART UHS works with a new patented drive disc. Its automatic torque controlled height adjustment guarantees that the floor pad is at the optimum setting.


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Rotobic G-Force - Ergonomic Handle - Suction Polisher/Scrubber

G-Force Suction Polisher ommercial 45cm, 430rpm, cord electric, universal suction scrubber/polisher, suited to larger areas, requiring higher speed polishing or light scrubbing.
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Rotobic Ergo Focus Floor Polisher

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TASKI Ergodisc 400

The ergodisc 400 is a multi-purpose, cost-efficient machine that is especially suited for spray cleaning and buffing. High speed (400rpm) single-disc machine.

Polivac PV25 Hospital Suction Polisher Range

Electric Floor Polisher PV Hospital Suction Polisher 40cm, 420 rmp, 1300 watts, 2 pole by pass vacuum motor, microstaphicidal filtration bag Inc. bassine brush (Provac).


Polivac A23 Mini Hi Speed Polisher

All-Australian designed and built mini scrubber. Best for: bathrooms, toilets and home polishing.

Polivac Pv25 Dual Speed Suction Polisher

Electric Floor Polisher PV Dual Speed Suction Polisher 40cm, 192 RMP, 560 Watt / 420 RMP, 1100 Watt, 2/4 pole Drive motor. 300 watts Vac motor. With bassine brush. (Provac Quick Release)

Polivac Pv25 Hospital Cannister Suction Polisher

Electric Floor Polisher PV Hospital Suction Polisher 40cm, 420 rmp, 1300 watts2 pole drive motor, 300 watts Vac motor, bassine brush (provac).


Polivac C25 Dual Speed Non Suction Polisher

Electric Floor Polisher PV Dual Speed Non Suction Polisher 40cm192 rmp, 550 watts / 420 rmp, 1100 watts, 2/4 pole Inc. bassine brush (provac).

Note: With pad holder also available.


Cleanstar 3-in-1 Vacuum Multivac Polisher Buffer

It is a complete cleaning solution for all floors. Stick vac-shoulder vac, buffs and polishes.



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Orbital Floor Polisher and Cleaner

Orbital Floor Polisher and Cleaner. One machine can do it all! Can be used on any surface - staircase, around the house & small areas. This is truly a multi-purpose machine.
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Orbital Floor Sander and Polisher

Orbital Floor Sander & Polisher with Dust Extraction Outlet. This convenient multi-purpose machine allows you to clean, wax, polish and sand your hard surface floors efficiently and effectively.
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SEBO Felix Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner that gives you a superb polishing on performance on carpet and on hard floors. This floor polisher is ideal for wood, polished concrete, marble, terazzo, vinyl, laminate, and tiles.
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Origin Volante OP445 Floor Polisher

The Origin OP445 Polisher is ideal for buffing, spray burnishing. It has a true centre mount drive motor with a double reduction gearbox, this offers a balanced ease of use, that leaves the operator in control.
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Viper LS160 Low Speed Single Disc Floor Polisher

Simple and user friendly low speed single disc machine for hard floor scrubbing and heavy duty cleaning. It has easy to use controls.
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Pacvac Polypro 400 Commercial Floor Polisher

Polypro 400 from Pacvac is specially designed for scrubbing, polishing, and maintenance of all types of hard floors (e.g wood, vinyl, and concrete etc.)