Windsor Ride on Floor Scrubbers

Windsor Saber Glide 28"


The Saber Glide 28 has the speed of a rider with the maneuverability of a walk-behind. 

Saber Glide’s operator’s compartment offers the comfort and familiarity of an automobile. Full control of the machine is in clear sight and at the operator’s fingertips. From the compartment, the view of the work area is unobstructed for safer, more productive cleaning.
The control panel is intuitive and features one-button scrubbing for reduced operator training.
Saber Glide provides a tight turning radius, fits into a standard elevator and will easily drive through a standard 36-inch (91 cm) doorway.


Windsor Saber Glide 36"


The variable width Saber Glide 36 offers performance features with the productivity enhancement of patented Squeeze Play. Squeeze Play allows the operator to extend the scrubbing width of the machine from 28 inches (71 cm) to 36 inches (91 cm) during operation. With Squeeze Play de-activated the machine cleans with the maneuverability of smaller models. In open areas the operator can simply flip a switch and extend the brush housing to 36 inches (91 cm) for increased scrubbing productivity.


Windsor Chariot iScrub 20


With a lower investment cost, higher production rate and simplicity of maintenance, the Chariot iScrub 20 stand-on commercial scrubber family meets and exceeds all expectations with up to 58% operational savings versus competitively sized walk-behind scrubbers. Unmatched productivity when compared to walk-behind scrubbers sized from 17" to 26".


Chariot iScrub 24


The cleaning industry is trending toward day cleaning, or cleaning when the facility is occupied. Facility managers want to save energy by reducing the amount of electricity used at night. Buildings are also occupied for more hours of the day, making it necessary for cleaning professionals to accommodate an in-use environment more often.

The Chariot iScrub model was designed with day cleaning in mind.
» The EcoMode cleaning function operates at a significantly reduced sound level, measuring in at only 63 dBA making it ideal for noise-sensitive areas like hospitals and schools
» Swinging squeegee picks up 100% of water leaving a dry, safe floor
» EcoMode conserves water and extends cleaning time between tank refills by putting less water down
» EcoMode also extends battery life -and productive run time – by reducing pad pressure and reducing draw on the vacuum motor
» The unobtrusive design makes the Chariot unintimidating to people and its superior maneuverability allows it to be used without disrupting workflow