White Out Pads


White Magic Eco Cloth Washing Up Pad

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4 Pack

Mr Clean Erazer Pads

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Rubout Microfibre Sponge 180mm x 85mm x 40mm

The Rubout microfibre cleaning sponge cleans finger marks, lipstick, crayon, soot, pen, pencil, grease, white board markers, and so many other applications.
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Durafresh Wipe Out Ultimate Tuff Sponge 125MM X 75MM X 30MM

Super cleaning power. Remove ink, crayons, scuff marks and grime with ease. No chemicals required.

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Edco Merri Magic Microfibre Handy Eraser

HACCP approved, Industrial quality. Length 110mm, Width 70mm, Thickness 40mm

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White Magic Sponge for Utility Doodle Bug Holder

White Magic Sponge on one side with a reinforced centre plus now sticks to your 'Doodlebug" or "Glitterbug" pad holder.  25 x 11 x 4cm. Great for cleaning large surfaces such as floors or walls.


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White Magic King Eraser Sponge - 28x11x4cm

White Magic King Eraser Sponge is ideal for use on most smooth, non-porous surfaces, by just adding water.

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White Magic Wheel Eraser 30x6x3cm

It can be broken into 15 Pieces (6x3x2cm). Erase stubborn marks from your Alloy Wheels, Bull Bars and Tow Bars with only water. Breakable into 15 pieces, 1 piece should be enough to clean up to 4 wheels.
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White Magic Floor Pad Eraser Sponge

Designed to erase stubborn marks on hard smooth floors such as tiles, lino, vinyl, timber, concrete and stone. Available sizes: 30, 35, 40, and 50cm.

How to use?

Use on machines 300rpm, and below. Floor needs to be well lubricated with a detergent/ water mix. Floor surface needs to so smooth to reduce wear.

White Magic Original/Standard Eraser Sponge

Best seller eraser sponge. Hand size block. Size is 11 x 7 x 4cm.

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White Magic Medium Eraser Sponge

It has a big block for big jobs. It can be cut into pieces or use as one. Size is 18 x 9 x 4 cm. This is the largest hand sized block on the market.
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White Magic Extra Power Eraser Sponge

Extra power microfibre eraser sponge. 50% stronger for heavy duty cleaning. Contoured design for easy handling.
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White Magic Duo Eraser Block 11 x 7 x 4cm

A dual purpose cleaning sponge for heavy duty cleaning. The pink sponge can be used for general wiping such as wiping up mess, it also reinforces the White Magic sponge so it does not break off easily. The White sponge is ideal for erasing stubborn marks. Dimension: 11 x 7 x 4cm
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White Magic Standard Eraser Block Sponge 11x7x4cm

The Original White Magic Eraser Block. 11x7x4cm. It is ideal for small jobs around the house and offic
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