Bathroom Cloth

MR CLEAN Microfibre Bathroom Cloth 3Pk

Cloth size: 20cm x30cm.2-in-1 mesh scourer & microfibre cleaning cloth.Mesh side takes away soap scum.
Microfibre cloth for perfect shine

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MR CLEAN Microfibre Bathroom Mitt

MR CLEAN Microfibre Bathroom Mitt is an excellent Mesh Scourer & Microfibre Cleaning Cloth.It is made up of mitt terry grade microfibre that is soft enough for mirrors & glass.
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Mr Clean Micro Wiz Bathroom Cloth

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Mr Clean Bath & Tile Scrub 1pk

Double action cleaning pad which is extra fast and extra effective. White mesh side removes soap scum. Synthetic chamois for brilliant shine. It uses band for secure holding. Dimension is 22 x 14cm.
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White Magic Eco Cloth Bathroom 32 x 32cm

Eco Cloth bathroom from White Magic, is ulta absorbent, dual sided for cutting through stubborn bathroom grime and wiping down shiny surfaces. The scrubbing side is made of aggressive, yet gentle scrubbers that break up soap scum off glass, ceramic and stainless steel. The flat side is great for wiping and polishing once the scrubbing side has done its job. The convenient clip tag allows easy storage all around the bathroom. Professional 32 x 32cm Size. Super Reinforced Stitching.
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