Nilodor Urine Digester

Destroy Odour at its source. This biodegradable, triple strain bacteria formulation will provide immediate relief by neutralizing odors, as well as eliminating the source of the odor.


Airlift Jellybean Odour Lifter - Deodoriser - Research Products

This is the product that started it all and is our most effective deodorant that has proven to clean and deodorise effectively in the most heavily used public facilities or badly ventilated toilets.


Airlift Twice the Spice

Brings a breath of “after shave” freshness that has impressed many. Ideal for commercial buildings where an up market result is required for washrooms and as a deodorant room spray for cigar and cigarette smoke odours.


Airlift Florafresh Odour Lifter and Fungicide

A reintroduced upgraded new formula to a brilliant new standard of performance. Uses an unusual clinging fresh clean scent which will be found especially effective in sporting clubs, sauna rooms and aerobic and squash centres.


Airlift Caress Odourlifter and Cleaner - Research Products

Time release disinfectant, cleaner and deodorant with 48-hour residual aroma. The first non-cloying 48hr residual deodoriser cleaner.

Septone Pacific Breeze Odour Control Disinfectant

Odour Control Masking Compound and disinfectant in one.

Goodsense Fresh Phase J-Flex Air | Fabric Freshener 1.5L

Air and fabric freshener/odour counteractant that instantly neutralises odours at source.

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Earth Renewable Air Freshener 750ml

Air Freshener and Odour Counteractant. Each 750ml bottle of Air Freshener concentrate makes up to 110 bottles of ready to use Air Freshener. 
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Oomph Odour Eliminator Sandalwood 125ml

Eco-friendly, quick and effective odour eliminator spray that neutralises odours in pet areas, cars, bathrooms, toilets, vehicles and rubbish bins.
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Jasol Clini-fresh Incontinence Spray

Powerful reodorant, long lasting, non-toxic, biodegradable nursing homes, toilets and anywhere unpleasant odours are encountered.