Kimtech Pre Soaked Wipes

KIMTECH Alcohol Sanitiser Wipes

70 x 12
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KIMTECH* Alcohol Sanitiser Wipes are pre-moistened with a multi-surface commercial grade disinfectant (70% v/v Ethyl Alcohol). 


Other features:  Commercial Grade Disinfectant, impregnated with 70% v/v Ethyl Alcohol

Available in a compact, self-dispensing canister.  Ideal for cleaning telephones, keyboards, typewriters, copy machines, computer screens, glass, mirrors and non-permanent ink from whiteboards.

Isowipes by Kimberley Clark

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Isowipes, surface cleaning wipes in canister

KIMTECH Wipers for the WETTASK System

6 Rolls
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An innovative solution for customers who want to use their own chemical solution to create a pre-saturated wiper for preparing, cleaning, disinfecting or sanitizing surfaces.
Designed for use with detergents, water-based cleaners, and solvents. Ideal for general surface cleaning, sanitising and degreasing. Product name: KIMTECH* Wipers for the WETTASK* System Colour: White 305mm x 318mm x 6 Rolls in a carton plus 1 empty tub.

Kimtech Wipers for Wettask System Tub of 35

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This wiper uses a white, meltblown base sheet suitable for disinfecting and sanitising with quaternary amines, bleach, and solvent chemicals. The wipers are low linting and have low extractables.
KIMTECH* Wipers are designed for use in the refillable WETTASK* wiping system. The system is composed of a dry, coreless, centre-pull roll and a re-usable bucket. The end-user adds their own chemical solution to create a customised pre-saturated wiper for preparing, cleaning, disinfecting or sanitising surfaces.