Multifold - for High Traffic Washrooms

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SCOTT* Slimtowel Multifold Hand Towel

SCOTT* Slimtowel is the preferred alternative for quality and value. Single sheet dispensing helps to control usage and hygiene. A low-maintenance, high-capacity ABS plastic dispenser is available.
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KLEENEX® Multifold Hand Towel

New KLEENEX® Multifold Towel is made from AIRFLEX* Technology and is now 9% thicker and more absorbent. This new product provides a choice of performance levels in the Multifold Hand Towel format.
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Carton of 16


The preferred alternative for quality and value. SCOTT® Interfold Towel, code 1742 is made using AIRFLEX* Technology. It is softer, stronger and more absorbent than conventional towels

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