Lobby Brooms

Heavy Duty Lobby Pan Broom With Handle

Medium stiff bristles trap particles and litter, works with the Edco lobby pan.
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Lobby Dust Pan Broom

Lightweight lobby dust pan brooms cuts fatigue, easy one-handed use.

Lobby Broom Plastic Hard

Replaceable lobby broom to suit SA76089 & Coloured Lobby Pans.

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Extra Stiff Lobby Pan Broom

Its extra stiff angled bristles collect large particles and get into hard to reach places.

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Soft Fill Lobby Broom

Soft Fill Lobby Broom has Swivel head for ease of use. Plastic stock. Dimensions: H 923 x W 287 x D 53mm.

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Commercial Lobby Pan Broom

It has industrial strength aluminium handle. Its stiff angled bristles ideal for collecting large particles. It is designed to clip onto the handle of Oates Commercial Lobby Pan (B-11114).

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Replacement Broom for LDPUI and MLDP

Lightweight, quality heavy duty brush with aluminium handle.
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Lobby Broom With Metal Cap Yellow Bristle 46 Handle

Lobby broom with wooden handle. It has metal top for added durability. Chemical and liquid resistant bristles; sustains temperatures to 225°F.

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Rubbermaid Executive Lobby Broom with Polypropylene Fill

It is well suited for one-handed cleaning under tables, fixtures and hard to reach areas. It is great for use in malls , restaurants and lobbies.
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Rubbermaid Lobby Pro Lobby Broom Synthetic Fill Black

Lobby broom with Synthetic Fill is suited well for one-handed cleaning under tables, fixtures and hard to reach areas.
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