Electrostatic dusters

Electrostatic Duster with Extension Handle

The electrostatic charged duster attracts dust like a magnet. Extendable handle. Thick fill for maximum surface area..

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Soft Grip Electrostatic Duster

Soft Grip Electrostatic Duster. Over moulded ergonomic grip. Fibres attract dirt, dust and hair. It is suitable for general cleaning & blinds.

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Vileda Powerfibres Duster

Electrostatic synthetic duster enables you to dust the home with far less effort. The duster's electrostatic fibres attract and remove dust with ease. Soft grip handle.
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SABCO Super Duster with Soft Grip Handle

Features a premium quality soft touch ergonomic handle. Fine electrostatic fibres attract dust like a magnet. Washable with lukewarm water.
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Electrostatic Duster with Extension Handle

1.2m extended handle to reach high areas. Bend to shape for difficult areas. attracts dust and holds it. Easy to clean. 80mm x 80mm x 840mm closed.
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White Magic Handy Duster

White Magic Handy Duster is the ultimate dusting tool to get into those hard to reach places. Its head pivots 220 Degrees.