Mop Bucket Spares

Spring For Press Wringer

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Heavy duty replacement spring. For use with Oates Ezy Ergo Press Wringer (OAIW-500 series).

Wringer Bucket Spares

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OAIW-010-F Plastic Fixed Roller Fits Duraclean Buckets


OAIW-010-M Plastic Moving Roller Fits Duraclean Buckets


OAIW-011 Spring - Long Heavy duty spring replacement Suitable for Oates IW-005 and IW-020 wringer

OAIW-012 Castor Wheel Suitable for use with IW-000 & IW-001


WaveBrake® Quiet Castor Dolly

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Castor dolly for WaveBrake. It enables transferring bucket easily with no lifting required for worker well-being. 1/2 the noise of a standard mop bucket.

26L Window Bucket Squeegee Holder

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It is dto fit over the lip of the Window Cleaning Bucket to hold any size of squeegee up to 40cm.

26L Window Bucket Sieve

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The Mop Sieve sits on the bottom of the Window Cleaning Bucket to allow particles of dirt to settle on the floor of the bucket away from the washer.

26L Window Bucket Hook - Per Pair

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These two hooks fit over the lip of the Window Cleaning Bucket either to hold a washer or a squeegee to any size.