Electrostatic Broom

290mm Electrostatic Broom with Extension Handle

29cm stock. Ideal for removing pet hair from all floor surfaces, washing windows and scrubbing tiles.

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Swifty Electrostatic Broom

 It has electrostatic properties attract and remove sand, dirt and pet hair. 
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White Magic Pet Hair Broom

Have you ever thought of buying pet hair broom? Here's the ultimate broom to sweep up Pet Hair on every floor type in the home.
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White Magic Pet Hair Brush

This pet hair removal brush is made from natural rubber, it is ideal to use on pets, clothing, upholstery, carpets and vehicle interiors.
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Decor Speed Electrostatic Broom

Electrostatic broom removes hair, fluff and fibres from carpets, rugs and all hard floor surfaces.
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Decor Electrostatic Dust Brush

The Electrostatic Brush removes hair, fluff and fibres from floors, mats, furniture and car interiors.
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