Step Ladders

Range of Step Ladder, Platform Ladders, Saftey Step. Step Ladders, Platform Ladder, Saftey Steps.


Step Ladder Aluminium

Brought to you by Gorilla ® Ladders. Manufactured in the world largest ladder factory, they are designed here in Australia and New Zealand to quality standards.

Step Stool with Storage Compartment

Robust moulding and design with carry handle. Ideal for medical areas, commercial kitchens, office ares and the like. 

Rubbermaid Mobile Two-Step Stepstool Black

Heavy-duty stepstool glides easily on retractable rubber castors. Supports loads up to 350 lbs (158.8 kg). It has soft, slip resistant pads on both steps.   Wheels retract when stepped on. Heavy-duty plastic construction will not damage walls or furniture. Available in black and beige.

Rubbermaid Two-Step Stool Bisque

Do you need to reach item stored on the highest shelf? The Rubbermaid Two-step Step Stool is great to have when you need to reach something stored high up. It has an attractive, skid-resistant texture on its surface and four skid-resistant feet to ensure safety.

Single Sided Step Ladder 120Kg Domestic

Gorilla Aluminium Single sided ladder is lightweight and manoeuvrable. 

Single Sided A-Frame Step Ladder 120kg Industrial

The Gorilla Single Sided A-frame Step Ladder includes a 120kg industrial load rating.

Single Sided A-frame Step Ladder 150kg Industrial

Aluminium 150kg Industrial step ladders.

Fibreglass Single Sided Step Ladder 120kg Industrial

Cross-braced spreader, non-slip  treads, resin top-cap, tool organiser and stabiliser ready

Fibreglass Single Sided A-frame Ladder 150kg Industrial

Cross-braced spreader, aluminium top-cap with tool organiser and patented resin bracing system for  increased torsional strength and decreased lower stile damage.

Aluminium Double Sided A-frame Step Ladder 150Kg Industrial

The Gorilla Double Sided Step Ladder comes with a 120kg industrial load rating.

Aluminium Double Sided A-frame Step Ladder 150kg Industrial

Aluminium Ladders are highly stable, industrial grade step ladders that are ideal for use by the home DIY enthusiast or industry professional.

Fibreglass Double Sided A-frame Step Ladder 120Kg Industrial

Lightweight, internal spreader, non-slip treads, and aluminium top-cap.



Fibreglass Double Sided A-frame Step Ladder 150kg Industrial

Gorilla's fibreglass double sided ladder range is weight rated at an industrial 150kg load and features a cross brace spreader.

Dual Purpose Ladder 120kg Domestic 1.8 to .3m

Cross-braced spreader, lightweight, non-slip treads and stabiliser ready.

Aluminium Dual Purpose -Double Sided Ladder 150kg Industrial

Converts from double sided A-frame to straight ladder in seconds. Splayed back leg for added stability.

Fibreglass Dual Purpose Ladder 120kg Industrial

Cross-braced spreader, non-slip treads, stabiliser ready and aluminium top-cap.

Fibreglass Dual Purpose Ladder 150kg Industrial

Cross-braced spreader, aluminium top-cap, stabiliser ready and patented resin bracing system.

Aluminium Extension Ladder

The Gorilla Aluminium Domestic Extension Ladder has a 100kg load rating. It offers durability and functionality with a light weight design, roll-locked rungs and non-slip feet.

Aluminium Extension Ladder 150kg Industrial

Aluminium extension ladder from Gorilla provides strength and durability, ready for use in domestic or commercial environments.

Aluminium Extension Ladder 120kg Industrial 3.7-6.5m


Fibreglass Extension Ladder 130Kg Industrial

Gorilla's 130kg Fibreglass Extension Ladder is industrially rated with roll-lock d-rungs, single rope pull & release with stabiliser ready.

Single Builders Ladders 140kg Industrial

Gorilla Aluminium Single Builders Ladders are 140kg industrial load certified and hook easily onto scaffolds with optional hooks.

Hooks for Straight Ladders

Platform Ladder Aluminium- Height Adjustable 150kg Industrial

Gorilla's aluminium adjustable platform ladder does the job of three separate platform ladders.

Aluminium Platform Ladders 150kg Industrial

Aluminium Platform Ladders are 150kg industrial rated, heavy duty, non-slip aluminium checker-plat work platform, a patented, resin bracing system to increase torsional strength and decrease lower stile damage.

Fibreglass Platform Ladder 150kg Industrial

Fibreglass Platform Ladders are 150kg industrially load rated and electrically safe to suit the serious industrial user.

Wheel Kit and Mounting Bar to Suit FPL008-I

Pack of 4 castors plus mounting bars and mounting bars to suit the Gorilla FPL008-I platform ladder.

Aluminium Compact Ladder 120kg Industrial

Compact Size, 900mm Hand Rail Meets OH&S Requirements, Non-slip Treads and Platform Surface, Wheels Included, Accessory Holder.

Aluminium Heavy Duty Stair Ladders -3 Step Stair 150kg Industrial

Strong aluminium non-slip steps with slim compact folding design for easy storage.

Gorilla ALuminium Outrigger

For additional stability, you need to attach outrigger to the top of an extension ladder.
Pack of 2

Gorilla Aluminium Stabiliser

When installed correctly the Gorilla stabilisers significantly increase lateral stability of the ladder.

Gorilla Bumpers

Fits to top of extension ladders to minimise scratching gutters/walls and adds protection and grip.

Gorilla Harness - Roofers Kit

This Roofers Kit includes a full body harness, adjustable energy absorbing lanyard, anchor strap, and 15m x 13mm kernmantle rope line with rope grab.

Gorilla Ladder Tie Down Straps – Pack of 2

Gorilla Quick Release Ladder Tie-Down Straps are 150kg rated lashings with spring lock buckles which helps minimize time in securing or removing your ladder from roof racks.

Gorilla Metal Rubberised Plastic Pole Mount

Fits Gorilla fibreglass extension ladders.

Aluminium Order Picking Ladder 200kg Industrial

Supplied flat packed – ready to assemble order picker ladder. Additional accessories are available, including a work tray, safety boom and safety barrier.

Gorilla Mighty Aluminium Multi-purpose Ladder 120kg Industrial

Multi-purpose ladder that can have 4 configurations - a-frame, extension, uneven, A-frame (stairway) Trestle.

Heavy Duty Mighty Plank

The aluminium extension plank is strong but closes up to an easily transportable size. It extends from 2.4-3.9m and has a 260kg industrial rating.