Cleaners Supermarket - Pearlescent Hand Wash

A pearlescent, economical hand soap. Vanilla and Rose perfumes.

Cleaners Supermarket - Liquid Hand Soap

Non pearlescent. Clear pink in colour. Coconut additives. Suitable for office, light duty factory use. Our premium soap.


Cleaners Supermarket - Antibacterial Hand Soap

Hand soap with antibacterial. Ideal for areas with high traffic such as hospitals, restaurants, shopping centres, public toilets, etc

Jasol Palms

Bathroom Soap for Hand & Face

Soft Care Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash Citrus Splash

Washing Your Hands with Soft Care Citrus Splash Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash. Removes bacteria to help keep your family healthy.

Soft Care Dermawash Aloe Vera Hand and Body Wash

A special formulation enriched with vitamin E to gently & thoroughly clean year skin without stripping essential moisture.


Honeydew Hand Cleaner With Orange, Honey & Vanilla

“Three products in one” . All over handwash can also be used as a shower gel substitute. Vanilla acts as a natural deodorant while "Medihoney" restores skin.

Septone Protecta Wash Liquid Washroom Hand Cleaner

Protecta Wash is a pleasantly fragranced liquid washroom hand cleanser which produces a rich foamy lather combined with a gentle cleansing action designed to remove most household soils including dirt, mud, dust and kitchen residues.


Septone Protecta San Antibacterial Hand Soap

Protecta San is a sanitising liquid hand cleaner designed for use in the following industrial situations: food processing plants, canteens, restaurants, kitchens, kindergartens and schools, nursing homes, effluent and waste disposal sites, janitors and industrial washrooms.


Deb Pure & Natural Lotion Soap

Natural lotion soap that is ideal for daily use.

5 Litres

Primrose Hand Soap

A very mild cleanser that actively removes soiling and can be used regularly. Combined with a gentle moisturiser that leaves the hands feeling soft and supple and smelling fresh, with a delicate floral fragrance.
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Septone Natural Pearl Washroom Hand Soap

Septone Natural Pearl is a pleasantly fragranced washroom hand lotion which produces a rich foamy lather combined with a gentle cleansing action. 

Swarfega Original Green Gel Hand Cleaner

The Swarfega Rapid Hand Cleaner 'Original' contains the original green gel and quickly removes ingrained oil, grease and many oil based paints .


Deb Swarfega Orange Hand Cleaner

Advanced formulation, solvent-free heavy duty hand cleanser containing non-abrasive scrubbers for a deep down cleaning action and moisturiser to help care for skin.

Soft Care Plus Pure Antibac Hand Wash Perfume Free 200L

Soft Care Plus Pure is a mild handwashing product with excellent bactericidal properties. The product does not contain perfume, making it also suitable for in the food service area.
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Soft Care Mild Soap 800ML

Mildly perfumed hand wash liquid soap suitable for use where frequent hand washing is required i.e. Healthcare (To be used with Soft Care Line Dispenser 7514295).
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Soft Care Fresh Lotion Soap 800ML

Perfumed hand washing lotion suitable for washrooms.
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Soft Care Dermasoft Skin Cream 800ML

Perfume-free, skin reconditioning cream for softening and moisturizing skin and hands.
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Soft Care Blue Hand Soap 5L

It is delicately perfumed, economical hand soap for general hand washing.
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Soft Care Food Industry Hand Cleanser 5L

A hand wash that is perfume and dye-free. It is suitable for use in all food processing areas.

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Rubbermaid Enriched Foam Lotion Hand Soap with Moisturizers

Green Seal™* certified lotion hand soap. Biodegradable, enriched with skin conditioners. pH balanced, fresh light citrus fragrance. Rich teal color. Available in 9.5lb, and 18.5lb.

Rubbermaid One Shot Foam Dispenser Low Profile Metal - Polished Chrome

The One Shot® System sets the standard for quality and reliability in counter-mounted soap dispensing.
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Saraya Foam Hand Soap Green Apple Fragrance

Economical and effective, environmental friendly hand wash with natural formulation that cleans hands gently.

Actichem Creme Soap | Liquid Hand Soap

Actichem's AP340 Crème Soap is a pink, lotion hand soap containing gentle cleansing agents, skin emollients and a pleasant fragrance.

Actichem Prosan Anti-bacterial Hand Soap

Actichem's AP342 Prosan is a liquid anti-bacterial soap containing gentle cleansing agents, skin emollients and a pleasant fragrance.

Actichem Hand Sani-Soap Antibacterial Hand Soap

Actichem's AP343 Hand Sani Soap is a premium quality hand soap made specifically for use in food preparation areas and medical institutes.

Moisturising Antibacterial Foam Hand Soaps

Moisturising Antibacterial Hand Soap that are mild and gentle on skin which is ideal for sensitive skin.
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Jasol Klenzall Hand Soap

Economical Bathroom Soap for Hand & Face. Available in 5L and 20L.