Couch Roll and Healthcare Products

We offer couch rolls, incontinence sheet, premium wash cloth, advanced grade healthcare towel, dental bibs, etc

Our quality couch covers are easy to roll out, hygienic and strong. Perforations reduce waste

Carton of 800

Soft Patient Wipes 30 x33 cm

High absorbent, latex free disposable patient wipes.
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2 X 170M

Tork Universal Couch Roll C1 58cm x 170cm

Hygienic couch cover roll. Soft, strong and easy to roll our
Perforations offer users the opportunity to control usage.
The product can be used to cover both small and large areas without waste.


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Tork Universal Couch Roll C1 49cm x 50m

Hygienic couch cover roll. Soft, strong and easy to roll. Perforations offer users the opportunity to control usage.
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Tork Universal Couch Roll C1 55cm x 12.8cm

Tork universal hygienic couch cover roll is Individually wrapped  and suitable to cover all areas without waste.
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2 rolls

Tork Universal Absorbent Incontinence Sheet 60cm x 43cm

Interior liner is soft and extremely absorbent. Waterproof backsheet for protection.

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Tork Dispenser Couch Roll C1 Acrylic Black/Metal

Mounts to bed for easy access.Easy to use dispensing system saves time when refilling.System C1 - Couch roll system. Material Metal .Colour Black/Metal Width 750 mm Height 220 mm Depth 140 mm.


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1 carton

Tork Premium Wash Cloth Soft 32 x 30cm

Highly absorbent, lint free and can be sterilised. Extra soft with excellent wet and dry strength. Ideal for washing, showering and general body care.


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12 Packs

Tork Advanced Health Care Towel 40 x 40cm

Material: Virgin
Colour: White
Ply: 2
Rolls/Packs per case: 12
Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm
Perforated: Clean cut
Wipers/Cloths per roll/pack: 100
Wipers/Cloths per case: 1200
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Tork Advanced Dental Bib 20 x 30cm

Convenient and easy to use dental bib with practical size. Hygienic protective sheet.
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Carton 500

Deeko Adult Bibs

Carton of 500 ( Deeko Bibs Adult White 250 x 2pks )
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