Extra Large (4000ml)

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Deb Stoko Cleanse Light 4000

4 Litre Cleanse Light Dispenser

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Deb Stoko Cleanse Heavy 4000

For use with 4 Litre Cartridges. 
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Deb Stoko Cleanse Ultra 4000

Dispenser Ultra 4ltr

Ideal for heavy, general & light Industrial use.

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Deb Stoko Cleanse Shower 4000

Deb Cleanse Shower 4L Dispenser - Biocote
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Deb Stoko 3.25L Black Grittyfoam Dispenser

 It is perfect for use on heavy, general and light industrial, construction, and vehicle maintenance/Repair.

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Jasol 4L Cartridge Dispenser

Great for use in all washroom solutions in nursing homes, hotels, restaurants and hospitals.
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Solopol Classic Starter Pack

Superior Dispenser Technology - Deb Stoko dispener with BioCote protection.
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Deb Stoko Kresto Classic Starter Pack

Big saving for you - heavy duty cleanser plus dispenser.
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