Medium (600ml to 1000ml)

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600ml to 1 Litre size bulk fill soap dispensers, available from Cleaners Supermarket PH:1300 659 518

ClearVu Encore - 900ml Capacity


Perfect for smaller use situations: doctors, restaurants, office washrooms.

Refillable Cartridge Soap Dispenser 1000ML

Comes with a refillable solid plastic cartridge. Simply remove for easy filling. General purpose, manual press type button with ABS white cover. Practical, durable and user-friendly soap dispenser.

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Automatic Soap Dispenser 1000ML

No touch, infra-red sensor soap dispenser with manual option ie: if there is any problem with the automatic dispensing , you can still get soap out of the dispenser.

SATURN 900ml Soap and Lotion Dispenser

Poly carbonate material for solid construction. Transparent face makes it easy to check levels. Fixed to wall by screws or double-sided tape (included). Sturdy construction for heavy traffic areas.

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900ml Soap Dispenser with Marble Strip

ABS plastic construction, wall mounted. Refillable internal plastic container. Sight glass to check levels.

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900ml White/Clear/Chrome Soap Dispenser

900ml capacity oval shaped washroom soap dispenser. ABS plastic. Available in white. Easy filling with safety cap. It has concealed lock with double sided tape and screw set.

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1 Litre Bulk Fill Soap Dispenser - ABS Plastic

Easy to use bulk fill soap dispenser. 1L capacity.

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1 lit Vanity Basin Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser

Vanity basin soap dispenser with chrome plated spout. 1L capacity bull fill.
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Soap Dispenser - 900ml

    Compact making it ideal for use in nursing homes, medical centres office bathrooms and restaurants.

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    Contractor Soap Dispenser 900ML

    Compact design ideal for nursing homes, medical centres, commercial bathrooms, schools and restaurants. Wall mountable with drilling template included. It has front window to monitor liquid level. Lockable

    Tork Premium Soap Liquid Antibacterial S1 1L

    Perfect to use in hygiene sensitive environments. Highly effective against bacteria and approved according to European Norms (EN 1040 and EN 1499). Perfume and colour free, minimizes the risk for allergic reactions.

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    Wall Mounted Dispenser Series 9 900Ml

    Wall Mounted Dispenser 900mL Capacity (Suitable for Liquid Hand Soaps)
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    Plastic Soap Dispenser 800ml capacity

    Heavy-duty plastic construction. Refillable. Blue transparent body.

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    Plastic Soap Dispenser 600ml capacity

    Refillable plastic soap dispenser. Amber transparent body with 600ml capacity.  

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    Mediclinics 0.8L Automatic Soap Dispenser Stainless Steel Satin

    Automatic Bulk fill soap dispenser from Mediclinics. Satin Finish. It has a capacity of 800ml. It is manufactured and designed in Europe. It has thermoplastic ABS body with 0.5mm aluminium frame in shiny silver and black.

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    ABS Plastic 1L Foam Soap Dispenser

    This 1L soap dispenser, ABS plastic is easy to use and load. Push button dispenser. It is available in white.
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    800ML Bulk Fill Soap Dispenser - ABS Plastic

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    Corner Foam Soap Dispenser 950ml

    Foam soap dispenser with 950ml refillable cartridge. It includes one 50ml sachet Foam Care concentrate refill that can be diluted up to 1000ml with water.

    Refillable Cartridge Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser

    This is a no-touch automatic dispenser. It operates with 4 'AA' Alkaline batteries that can last up to 12 months/ 50,000 doses.

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    Refillable Cartridge Liquid Soap Dispenser 1000ml

    Practical, Well‐Designed & Durable Soap Dispenser. Easy Push Button designed for use in all  washroom and shower areas. 

    Manual Hand Soap Dispenser GMD-500F Saraya

    Manual dispenser for use either foaming soap or liquid soap. It has a side window for easy confirmation of the remaining volume.
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    Septone M2 Manual Dispenser - 1L Soap Dispenser

    1L soap dispenser enhances any work space with its glossy and contemporary design that can fit to any washroom or work location.
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