Tork Jumbo Junior

Now a little holds a lot. The Jumbo Jnr T21 System is big on toilet tissue but compact in size. Two Jumbo Jnr rolls offer continuous tissue access. A dependable option for high traffic areas. Jumbo Jnr’s high capacity significantly reduces servicing costs and wastage.
 Compact high capacity dispenser is ideal for washrooms with limited space
• Dual roll capacity reduces servicing time and labour costs
• Double the capacity of traditional toilet roll and interleaved tissue systems
• Pilferage and tampering is prevented with the lockable dispenser
• Made from ABS plastic

Tork Universal Toilet Paper Jumbo Jnr Roll T21 230 metres 18 rolls 4140 metres

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Universal quality conventional toilet rolls. Less servicing and reduced labour cost with 230 metre rolls

Tork Advanced Toilet Paper Jumbo Jnr Roll T21 115 metres 18 rolls 2070 metres

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Advanced quality toilet tissue. 2 ply thickness and softness.

Tork Premium Toilet Paper Jumbo Jnr Roll T21 95 metres 18 rolls 1710 metres

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Premium quality toilet rolls.Ultimate 2 ply thickness and softness.