Urinal Blocks I Deodourising Screens

Complete range of Urinal Cake, Urinal Block, Toilet Block and Urinal Screens available in lovely fragrances. You might wonder which is the best? We will be honest! we don't have a urinal here to trial them, to offer you that advice. So we carry all our suppliers ranges , keeping to our motto of Variety!


Bio Tabs for mens urinals

Bio-Tabs works on organic waste that are the source of urinal clogging and bad odours.

Bobson Toilet Block in Screen

Generally lasting between 30 to 60 days depending on the traffic. This block is made by Bobson. Recommended for older toilet with the drain covers missing! or for aesthetic appeal over traditional blocks.
PU120012 / DACU
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Enzyme Tablets for Urinals

Include a unique enzyme deodorant, which effectively kills bacteria, deodorizes and eliminates smells with every flush.

Chemitab Enzyme Screen

Triangle shaped, this block contains the unique enzyme material described in the above product. Not only cleans but effectively controls the disbursement of good bacteria into your sewer piping.
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V Screen Urinal Mat

V-Screen offers an effective means of keeping drains and urinals free-flowing and combats odour control between washroom cleaning visits.

Z Screen Deodorizing Urinal Screens

The modern urinal screen with more features than ever.  


Diamonds Deodorizing Urinal Screen

HOW TO USE: Tear open the urinal screen package, Lay the screen on urinal, Replace with a new screen in every 30 days

Each urinal screen holds enzymes and strong fragrance.

Size-free to fit urinals, wet and dry.

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Chemitab Enzyme Pad Dome Shaped

Contains enzymes to eliminate odours. The unique flexible design prevents splash back and reduces cleaning time. Fragrance lasts for 30 days.
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Chemitab Screen Tablet Dome

Active digestive enzymes that eliminate toilet pipe blockage and smells caused by clogged substances inside pipes. It dissolves
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Blocketts Fresha Urinal Tabs

Toilet Deodourant Blocks. Compressed perfumed paradichlorobenezene blocks.

Jasol Jumbo Parablocks

Concentrated Solid Deodorant for Use in Toilets. Strong pleasant fragrance, long lasting, reacts with odour causing compounds, insecticidal action.

Chemitab Lemon Scented Toilet Blocks

Economical long term odour control for mens urinals. This toilet block is manufactured to a high quality and are rich in perfume. Australian made, realistically priced,  in stock now for speedy delivery to you.


Chemitab Tutti Fruiti Toilet Blocks

Economical long term odour control for mens urinals. This toilet block is manufactured to a high quality and are rich in perfume. Australian made, realistically priced,  in stock now for speedy delivery to you.


Auto Janitor Drip Cleaner and Deodouriser

Auto Dispenser for Urinals & Toilets.Cleans and deodorises toilets and urinals while fragrancing. Always clean - programmed dispensing operates around the clock.


Virtual Janitor Dispenser external sanitizer. Refills available in Apple Mint, French Kiss & Mango . 130 x 100 x 230mm . Batteries Included.  The automatic cleaning and deodourising system that eliminates odours at the source while keeping fixtures clean and pipes clear.  Easy to install. Saves daily cleaning and chemical costs. Complete mounting kit for for urinal or commode on tile or sheetrock
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Available in Apple Mint, Mango and French Kiss. Cleans and deodorizes. It can last up to 30 days.  The Virtual Janitor is the simple solution for improved washroom presentation! It’s the automatic cleaning and deodorizing system that eliminates odors at the source while keeping fixtures clean and pipes clear. Available fragrances: Mango, Apple Mint, and  French Kiss.


Nab Urinal Deodorant Cleaner

It is perfect for urinals and is very easy to install.
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Urinal Maintainer Block Unitab

This urinal maintainer block uses enzyme to sanitise the urinal, resulting to effective hygiene control. An easy, effective way to reduce odour in the washroom. It is ideal for industrial use.
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Urinal Bio Tabs

Perfect for urinals. Lasts up to 6 times as long as regular urinal blocks. Safe to use, the blocks contain no harmful Paradichlorobenzene.

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Ultra Air Deodorising Toilet Clips

These are designed to clip onto the outside of toilets or tanks in order to maintain a fresh fragrance throughout the washroom. It contains 30 times more fragrance than traditional clip ons.

Ultra Air Deodorising Urinal Flat Screens

It contains 15 times more fragrance than traditional urinal screens. Its flexible design enables an easy fit into any urinal and it is also suitable for waterless urinals.


Ultra Air 2.0 Deodorising Urinal Screen

The ULTRA air system contains 30-40% fragrance material depending on the fragrance chosen.

Urinal Flat Screens from NAB

Suitable for all water fed troughs/urinals. It lasts up to 1500 flushes.

Nilodor Urinal Screen

Cleans with every flush & available in spring mint fragrance (with enzymes)
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Nilodor Urinal Screen with Non-para Enzyme Block 4 Oz

Super N Urinal Screens with Non-Para Enzyme Block are made from a sturdy , flexible plastic that conforms to urinal .

De-Odor Air Freshener Blocks 4Kg Bucket

De-Odor Air freshener blocks for toilets and urinals. It freshens and deodorises the Urinal trays and the environment with pleasant fragrance.
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Ultra Control Urinal Freshener and Deodoriser Tablets 4Kg Bucket

Ultra control urinal freshener and deodoriser tablets that are safe and environmentally responsible to freshen and deodorize urinal traps.

Bio Tabs Bug Sphere Waterless Urinal Drain Maintainer and Deodorizer

Designed for maintenance of all low‐flush, conventional flushing urinal or troughs and all waterless urinal systems. Each BIO TABS guarantee up to 15,000 users without flushing 30,000 users with refill/cartridge control).

Available in 130mm and 200mm sizes.

Bio Tabs Blue Sphere Waterless Urinal Drain Maintainer and Deodorizer

Designed for maintenance of ultra‐ low flushing, small deep narrow urinal bowl models and all water‐free urinal systems. 

Bio Tabs Blue Dome Waterless Urinal Drain Maintainer and Deodorizer

Designed for maintenance of ultra‐low flushing and no‐flushing waterless urinal systems. Suitable for use with majority of urinal bowls and urinal trough models. 

Scent Aire Urinal Screens Signature Fragrances

This two-sided anti-splash textured urinal screen helps prevent splash back and cross contamination of urine to other areas outside the restroom. It is designed to be flexible to allow proper fit to any urinal contour.

Jasol Mountain Breeze Urinal Deodorant Blocks

Concentrated solid deodorant for fse in toilet and ablution areas. Availale in 4kg and 10kg.

Jasol Bio Tabs Urinal Deodorant Block

Prevents scales build up, kills bad smells, goes to the source of odour and eliminates it. Great for use on urinals to reduce water use, safe to handle and long lasting.
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