Laundry Scissor Trolley

Scissor Trolley

The Scissor Trolley is built to out last and out perform.Extra heavy duty trolley to out last & out perform! Heavy duty non marking wheels. Heavy duty steel frame.

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Oates Scissor Trolley

Heavy duty moulded hooks for trolley bag and for cleaning equipment. Large bag for maximum linen collection. Smooth gliding wheels.

Scissor Trolley Replacement Bag

It is ideal for linen collection. Metal eyelets positioned for use with the Oates® Scissor Trolley. It is made of strong durable material for frequent everyday use. For use with OAJC-176BL.

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Laundry Cart With Bag 71 x 66 x 95CM

Heavy Duty Laundry Cart complete with Bag. Sturdy plastic frame, with support shelf for base of bag to accommodate heavy load. Folds for easy storage. Bag coated for moisture exposure. Replacement bag is available.

Laundry Cart Replacement Bag

Replacement bag, if required, or can be used as spare for laundry purposes.

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Metal Frame Scissor Trolley with Bag

Ideal for hotels, motels and any linen collection. Not the best for rubbish, as not that strong for sharp and very heavy objects.
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Scissors Trolley Bag

480mm x 790mm x 590mm
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Metal Scissor Trolley Replacement Wheels

The author remembers a day when these wheels were not replaceable ! Great news that these wheels can be fixed and are very cheap too. Good stuff Edco.
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Metal Scissor Trolley Accessory Bag

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