Floor & Deck Scrub

SABCO Professional Deck Scrub With Handle

This Sabco Professional Deck Scrub with handle has excellent long-lasting and durable bristles for intense scrubbing.
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MR CLEAN Deck Scrub

Mr Clean Deck Scrub with its stiff hard-wearing bristles, helps you quickly get rid of the dirt and even mild mold on your deck, quick and easy!
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Deck Scrub Head with Squeegee

Dual action scrub and squeegee. It has stiff, durable bristles to remove tough grime and squeegee removes excess water and debris. Fits 25mm handle with 22mm threaded adaptor.

Deck Scrub

Deck Scrub features large scraper for trouble spots. Stiff, durable bristles with large surface area for big job.

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SABCO Deck Scrub with Ergonomic Grip Handle

Superior long lasting bristles for aggressive scrubbing. Deluxe rubber bumpers protect surrounding objects while scrubbing. Tough scraper for those hard to budge marks.

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Household Deck Scrub

Household Deck Scrub is synthetic fill. It is excellent for scrubbing hard, large floor surfaces that require the removal of ingrained dirt and grime.

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Floor Scrub

This floor scrub has stiff polypropylene fill.Plastic stock. It is suitable for heavy duty floor scrubbing. Can be fitted with a 25mm handle.


Navy Deck Scrubbing Brooms

Straight Trim Brushes. All scrubbing brushes with 25mm staff hole.


Double Wing Deck Scrubbing Brushes


Wide Spread Channel Scrubs

The Wide Spread Channel Scrubs come in a wooden or plastic top.

Pinnacle Double Winged Deck Scrub

Extra stiff bristle to remove grime and dirt, winged ends to get into gaps on decking and concrete.
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Pinnacle Deck Scrub with Long Handle

Heavy duty concentrated bristles clusters scrub through the toughest grime. Use on decks, concrete and any other hard surfaces, great for boat decks.
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Deck Scrub Poly Fill

Heavy duty bristles to remove the toughest grime and dirt, ideal for concrete and deck services. Subtable for heavy marine applications. 
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Floor Brush

It has soft grip handle. Buffered edgest to prevent scratching. Stiff durable bristles.
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Rubbermaid Bilevel Deck Scrub Brush Yellow

This deck scrub brush is ideal for cleaning corners, base boards, walls & decks. Its block head resists cracking, splitting and warping.
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Rubbermaid Flexible Scrubber

This all-purpose scrub brush flexes to get into those hard to access areas. With the push of a button you can slide the brush into the flexible position to tackle curves.
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Vileda Master Brush

This cheap 2 in 1 Master Brush can scrub intensively or lightly when used with a cloth. It consist of scrubbing brush + cloth holders + telescopic handle.
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Sabco Timber Deck Scrub

Designed and developed with the latest technology with superior performance and efficiency in mind.
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Pinnacle Deck Scrub P.P Fill 10

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Pinnacle S Scrub Brush

Traditional heavy duty comfort style easy grip scrub brush.
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Poly Deck Scrub with Handle

Short, extra stiff PolyPropylene bristles for heavy scrubbing and dirt removal. It is effective on decks. 
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250mm AquaHold Timber Deck Scrub with Handle

Short, extra stiff, PolyPropylene bristles for heavy scrubbing. It has 250mm (10") wide head.
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Deck Scrub with Squeegee 300mm Handled

Deck scrub with 300mm long timber head with Neoprene blade.


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Handled Sand Rake | Multi Purpose Scraper

Australian made brush which is suitable for different uses. You can use this multi purpose scraper both for indoors and outdoors.
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