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Eager Beaver Floor Tool Kit- With 3 pads

Floor tool with 3 pads to suit multiple scrubbing jobs.  White scourer pad: See OAFP-635. Red scourer pad: See OAFP-634. Black scourer pad: See OAFP-638.


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Eager Beaver Floor Tool

Eager Beaver Floor Tool. Fits both 22mm and 25mm handles. Available fitted with an aluminium handle and colour coded cap in blue, green, red, white and yellow.

Eager Beaver Hand Tool

Eager Beaver Hand Tool. Sturdy construction and comfortable holder.

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Utility Pads 250 x 110mm

Utility pads for use with hand held or pole fitting holders. Various colours for degrees of abrasiveness.

Edco Microfibre Power Pad - Pad Only

Microfibre Power Mop: Use wet or dry fits standard pad holders Fully washable Colour coded tags

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Butterfly Mop with Microfibre Pad

Very useful tool. Can be used for floors, however it is also great for walls too. The microfibre pad is foam based with a 5mm layer of microfibre.

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Power Pad White

Non Scratch polish pad. Use when gloss polishing is required or extremely gentle scrubbing of delicate surfaces.
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Power Pad Red

Used as a light duty scrubber material or as heavy duty polishing. Will not scratch timber floor finishes. The red Scotchbrite style material is the same as you will find on floor polishing machines.
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Power Pad Blue

The blue pad in this range is middle of the pack when it comes to scratching grade.

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Power Pads Green

Green coloured pads are for medium to heavy duty scrubbing, or pre burnishing of cleaned floors. 
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Power Pad Brown

Brown pads are for heavy duty scrubbing or light duty stripping. Can be used on pole or hand pad frame.
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Power Pad Black

This pad is for very heavy duty scrubbing and stripping. This is the most coarse grade available excepting other brand that has a product called the emerald pad.

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Power Scourer Pad Holder For Floor and Walls

Allows power pads to be used on wooded pole 25mm Diametre or onto various extension poles. Full swivel allowing for ergonomic use when scrubbing walls, floors or other flat surface applications.
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Scourer Pad Holder For Hand Use

Hand held frame for the power pad range. Dimensions: W238x D95mm
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Oates Utility Pads 250 x 110mm

Utility pads for use with hand held or pole fitting holders. Various colours for degrees of abrasiveness.

Oates Eager Beaver Microfibre Pad

Colour coded tags can be cut depending on area of use to help avoid cross contamination between work areas. Suitable for use on smooth tiled surfaces and polished timber floors.

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