Misc Brushes


Car Detailing Mag wheel Cleaning Brush

100mm Polystyrene Fibres.


Lightweight Brush with Swivel Handle

With Swivel Fitting. Non Waterfed. Adapt to extension handles or the like.
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Sabco XL Flo-Thu Hand Wash Brush for Cars

XL Flow-Thu Hand Wash Brush from Sabco has soft flagged bristles for effective dirt removal without leaving any scratch.

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MR CLEAN Wheel Detailing Brush

It removes dirt, grime and tar from wheel or wheel cover. It is perfect for cleaning tyres.
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Mr Clean Flow thru Wash Brush- Large

It is ideal fro trucks, caravans and home. Water flow handle can be extended up to 1.5m. Its head size is L 26.5 x W 9.5cm.
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Chemtech Multi-purpose Extendable Aqua Flow-thru Brush

A heavy-duty aluminum extendable pole with insulated handle grips.
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