Cleaning Chemicals & Compounds

Supplied by Cleaners Supermarket include our custom range, California custom, Septone, Wd40 and more. We offer high quality products with exceptional value.


Mudbuster Dirt and Trail Bike Cleaner

Eco-friendly and biodegradable dirt and trail motorbike cleaner that helps clean your bike quickly and easily.

Mudbuster Road Bike Cleaner

Mudbuster Road Bike Cleaner washes, waxes and removes Oil, grease and extreme road grime from your road bike, all in one application, leaving your bike spotless.
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Mudbuster Bike Cleaner 750ml

Specifically formulated for the cleaning all types of Road Bikes.
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Mudbuster Car Detailing Shampoo 1L

A concentrated rich foam formula that gives your car a superior clean and shine. It is safe to use on your vehicle or the environment.
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Mudbuster Marine Clean

A natural based product that can clean your boat or jetski inside and out with one product even the toughest dirt and grime.
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Mr Buff Green Machine Grade Cutting Compound

Mr Buff is an excellent paste cutting compound suitable for automotive, marine and general industrial applications.

Septone Contact Adhesive Aerosol 350g

Septone Contact Adhesive is used to permanently contact bond a wide range of surfaces.
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Septone Brush-on Seam Sealer 900g

Septone Brush-On Seam Sealer is a fast drying brushable sealant applied over exposed seams and joints which have been welded, riveted or bolted.
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Septone Brushcote Body Deadener

Brushcote Body Deadener is a waterproof, anti-corrosive, noise suppressing black bituminous compound designed for application by brush to the underside of motor vehicles.

Septone Chassis Black

Chassis Black is an anti-corrosive black bituminous coating for the undercarriages of motor vehicles, caravans and trailers, for iron roofs, for guttering and for metal structures.

Septone Coachcote Bituminous Coating

Coachcote is a waterproof, anti-corrosive, noise suppressing black bituminous compound designed for application by spray to the underside of buses, trucks and other large motor vehicles.

Rain -X Headlight Restoration Kit

The Rain‑X® Headlight Restoration Kit provides a deep clean to yellowed, hazed headlights with the use of a specially designed polish and sealant.

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Green Cutters Cutting Compound

Green cutters cutting compound to restore old chalked and faded vehicle paint surfaces.