Water Fed Poles & Brush Heads

Water Fed Brush Head 4 Sided 10'' 200mm

Comes with thick 4 sided fill. American 3/8 ACME Thread is standard, however you can purchase the white adaptor pictured, which turns this into a Euro thread.      

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Water Fed Brush Head

30cm wide, soft dense fill, attaches to all the Blue poles
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Waterfed Poles

Single Piece Pole 1.6 metre in length delivers water directly through the brush. has soap holder inside connection. Multi controls- water only, soap mix, off


Professional Truck and Caravan Brush Wash OATES

It is ideal for cleaning vehicles, boats, caravans, houses and buildings.

Professional Truck and Caravan Brush Wash

Features a unique telescopic water flow handle that extends to 2.3m in length. Super soft flagged bristles for scratch free cleaning.


Van Brush

Browns Van Wash Brush 10 inch or 25 cm , Soft fibre Non scratching great for vehicles

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Car Detailing Mag wheel Cleaning Brush

100mm Polystyrene Fibres.


Lightweight Brush with Swivel Handle

With Swivel Fitting. Non Waterfed. Adapt to extension handles or the like.
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Pack of 10


To use in Heavy Duty Waterfed Poles.
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Water Fed Kit 1 - Brush, Hose, Adapter

Convert your standard extension pole to a Water Fed Pole!

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Sabco Suds Car Wash Brush

Sabco's Suds Car Wash brush has a built in soap dispenser with rapid change switch from suds to rinse.

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Waterfed Brush 10'' 200mm Bi-Level Head

Heavy duty wash brush head with non-scratching bristles. 10 inch bi-level wash brush head. Use as flow through or dip brush.
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Waterfed Brush 13'' 330mm Bi-Level Head

Suitable for most wash poles. Excellent for trucks, trailers, caravans, etc.
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Truck and Car Wash Pole Flow Through Water

Lightweight wash pole with a steady and continuous flow water. Available 2.5 and 3.2 metres.

Truck and Car Wash Pole 2.5m Non Flow Through

Heavy light weight strong aluminium truck and car wash poles.
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